Terry Adams to appear on Fox's "Glee"

Adams poses with Glee cast members during the taping of Glee. Courtesy of Terry Adams

Add "Cast member of Glee" to Terry Adams' laundry list of accomplishments outside the realm of BMX. For 15 consecutive hours on Tuesday, the Odyssey/Flatware-sponsored flatland pro filmed a scene for the Fox TV musical comedy drama "Glee." The episode will air in February directly following the Super Bowl.

"It's difficult to land these jobs for me since I live in Louisiana. TV shows as big as "Glee" change the filming dates all the time, so I really had to take a gamble and hope for the best. I got lucky and the filming was on schedule," said Adams via e-mail on Wednesday.

Although Adams could not get into specifics about his role on the Fox show, he did divulge some information about the inclusion of flatland riding in the program. "I was a part of the biggest 'Cheerios' number ever put on film. If you're not familiar with the show, "The Cheerios" are the high school cheerleading team that dance on the show," said Adams.

Adams says that his appearance in the upcoming episode will be brief, but was surprised at the amount of time that went into the shooting. "We spent 15 hours on set to film a very short scene. I honestly could not believe how many times we re-filmed it. It was bonkers," said Adams. "After being apart of a production that big, I can definitely say I have a new respect for people that work in that industry," he adds.

For the past year, Adams has ridden a teal Flatware frame complimented with a mixture of black and pink Odyssey components. But Adams was asked to ride a dark red bike for the filming, so team manager Jim Bauer of Odyssey BMX built up a one-off bike for Adams to ride during the taping.

During breaks in the taping, Adams took time to alert his fans about the rigorous taping schedule and shoot photos with "The Cheerios," the cheerleading squad featured on Glee.

According to Adams, the experience changed his perspective on the Fox show, which won the 2010 Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series in the Musical or Comedy category. "I was not a huge fan of the show but to be honest, I am now. It's a pretty funny show," says Adams.

Currently, Adams has returned to his hometown of Hammond, La. and is about to embark on a Red Bull demo tour throughout Florida.