Ty Morrow suffers head injury

Ty Morrow suffered a head injury on Tuesday and is currently under observation in a San Diego hospital. Tomas Zuccareno/Shazamm/ESPN Images

X Games 14 BMX Street Silver Medalist Ty Morrow suffered a head injury on Wednesday following a flat rail session in the San Diego area. Morrow is currently in stable condition in the hospital, and will make a full recovery. According to Garrett Reynolds Twitter feed, "I spoke with the doctors last night, and things are on the upside. He's just going to be in a lot of pain." Morrow's CT scans reportedly detected no brain injuries.

Vans team manager Jerry Badders also updated on Ty's condition via Twitter. "He's doing good, keeping him overnight. Hard fall to his head."

Morrow reportedly hit his jaw while riding a flat rail and went into seizures following the fall. As news spread of Morrow's condition, the BMX world flooded Twitter and Facebook with positive thoughts. For Garrett Reynolds, who lives and rides with Ty, the injury was tough to experience.

"When stuff like this happens, you realize how much your friends are to you," said Garrett, who is reportedly going to visit Ty on Wednesday morning.

21-year-old Morrow, who rides for Federal, The Shadow Conspiracy, Vans and The Tripped, is originally from West Palm Beach, Fla., but now lives and rides full-time in the San Diego, Calif. area, while also working on his new video project "The Tripped," which debuted last year. Morrow's ability to bunnyhop extremely high, combined with his eye for original tech combinations on street, has taken the BMX world by storm, and he is often considered one of the most progressive BMX street riders on the scene today.

From all of us here at ESPN BMX, our thoughts are with Ty, his friends and family.