You Won't and Dean Dickinson

The cover of You Won't: 100 pools ridden by Dean Dickinson. Cover image by Jared Souney, pool shots by Dean Dickinson.

Dean Dickinson accomplished a unique feat last year by riding his 100th pool. And if that wasn't remarkable enough, he's in the process of publishing an entire book about it. The book is going to be called You Won't: 100 Pools Ridden by Dean Dickinson. According to Dean, it will feature more than just pools. With the help of a few friends, Dean's been rounding up photos, typing up stories, and working out the details to try and make it all happen. So we caught up with Dean to find out more about the book, and to see how it was all coming together.

ESPN.com: Hey Dean, so you've been in the process of creating this book, where are you at with it at the moment, and how's it coming?
Dean: Everything is going great! The table of contents is complete and the book is gonna be jam packed with 27 chapters containing spot features, road trips, interviews, scene reports, and some really rad pictures. We've collected most of the photos, and I've been writing almost everyday. Mark Lewman, Jared Souney and I have been meeting a couple times a month to discuss the direction of the book. We just had the Pink Motel Pool Party in May and it couldn't have turned out any better. The day was simply epic. The Pool Party is actually the final chapter of the book and now I'm in the process of collecting all of the contributing photos from the event. We're also finalizing the sponsor pitch package to send out and after that hopefully we'll get some support.

Wow, that's a lot of content! What gave you the idea and inspiration to do a book like this? It's a pretty huge undertaking. How long have you been planning for it and what's the ultimate goal?
When I was filming, "Take It or Leave It" (my pool riding documentary) around 2007, I was also learning the basics of photography. Actually, I still am. During those missions my camera bag was jam-packed. I was telling a story and I wanted the footage to be as gritty as the content. I've never been a fan of over-produced special effects or editing, I just like good story telling. And photography is a huge part of that. I would love to become the John Ford of BMX films. That dude was awesome. Towards the end of production for "Take It Or Leave It," I was shooting less and less video and more film: 16mm, Super 8, 35mm stills, and some Polaroid's. Video and digital photography is like the resi-ramp of production. In today's age, shooting film is a big risk, kind of like riding BMX. I was getting the same rush out of photography as I was getting from BMX. The entire process is quite magical. I think the anticipation leading up to the final product is half the fun. Shooting a roll of film and then finally resting your eyes on the images is like Christmas. And if the film actually turned out, it's like finding a Red Ryder BB Gun placed under the tree.

I was getting the same rush out of photography as I was getting from BMX. The entire process is quite magical.

--Dean Dickinson

After the DVD was released I was still sitting on a lot of great photos. So I started thinking in the direction of a book. And after I rode my 100th pool in August of 2008, I knew I had enough content to tell an interesting story. The ultimate goal is to preserve my youth and to tell an interesting story in a tangible book.

You're not alone right; Jared Souney, Mark Lewman and Justin Kosman are apart of the photo and writing process for it too?
Yeah, I'm super stoked to be working with such a sick creative team! Jared is head of design, Lewman is one of the key producers, Kosman is contributing a lot of great photos, and I'm directing and writing the entire book. Directing has never been a problem for me but writing on the other hand is not my strongest suit. With the help from Spell Check, Lewman, and Jared, I think we'll be all right.

How many pools and/or spots will be featured in the book?
89 of the 100 pools made it into the table of contents along with the Pink Motel Pool and a couple fullpipe shots.

That's amazing. Can you tell us where we can pick up a copy and when it will be available, and do you know roughly how much it'll cost?
Everything is still up in the air right now considering we are still in the process of pitching the project to some sponsors. We were gonna try and have the book completed before Interbike, but as of now that's not very realistic. So hopefully the book will be available early 2011. The book should be available at most major bike shops and hopefully some bookstores. And I would like to keep the book under $25.

89 of the 100 pools made it into the table of contents along with the Pink Motel Pool and a couple full-pipe shots.

--Dean Dickinson

Hardbound or soft cover?
More than likely we'll have a limited run of hardbound copies, and the rest will be soft covers.

Can you tell us what's in the name, You Won't?
Hearing the words, "You Won't" only makes me try harder.

Lastly, any thanks?

This is gonna be a tough one. So many people have already contributed to this project and I know I'm gonna forget someone here but here it goes: Mark Lewman, Jared Souney, Justin Kosman, TEAM SHRALP, my family, The Rasmusson Family, Pool City, The Gutter Crew, The Bone Deth Crew, the old Searching Crew, Mike Hoder for taking me to my first pool, Sean "Fish" Hoskins for inspiring me to ride pools, Ben Ward, Travis Gardner, Jeff Allen, Juaquin Ross Silva, Nuno Oliveira, Props, the entire RIDE BMX staff, Lotek, Nicolas Ferreira, The Bicycle Film Festival, Cody York, Brian Tunney, Rob Dolecki, Larry Alvarado, Adam Zapata, Issac Dahms, all of the contributing photographers, all of our Pink Motel Pool Party fundraiser supporters, the entire Pink Motel staff and everyone who helped make the event happen, anyone who has taken me to a pool or has helped with this project in anyway thank you!

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