Banasiewicz crashes in Va. Beach

Brett Banasiewicz Maury Phillips/WireImage

Seventeen-year-old DK Bicycles pro Brett "Mad Dog" Banasiewicz crashed on a 720 attempt earlier Thursday at the LXVI BMX Invitational presented by Vans in Virginia Beach, Va., and is currently under sedation at the Virginia Beach General Hospital awaiting further examination.

Banasiewicz will remain under sedation throughout the night while doctors monitor his brain.

After initial reports emerged that Banasiewicz was knocked out for two hours, Vans BMX team manager Jerry Badders reported that Banasiewicz was stable, without any fractures to his face. Badders added that paramedics on the scene had removed his neck brace.

Free Agent Bicycles dirt jumper T.J. Ellis also added that Banasiewicz had squeezed the medic's hand and was attempting to move.

At current time, it is unclear what the extent of Banasiewicz's injuries are, though medics on the scene reported there were no spinal injuries.

Last weekend, Banasiewicz secured his first overall Dew Cup win in BMX Park at the Dew Tour Pantech Beach Championships in Ocean City, Md. Following the win, Banasiewicz, a resident of South Bend, Ind., remained on the East Coast, traveling to Greenville, N.C., before attending the Vans competition in Virginia Beach earlier Thursday.

The LXVI BMX Invitational presented by Vans runs in conjunction with the Coastal Edge Surfing Championships and features riders such as Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Guettler, Ryan Nyquist and Cory Nastazio, competing in a triple box jump contest for a $25,000 prize purse.

DK teammate Brian Hunt said Banasiewicz was "destroying the course" before the crash.