Head First with Vin Crispino

Vin Crispino Head First (3:44)

NY BMX rider Vin Crispino details a recent head injury. (3:44)

Last March, Skavenger rider and Staten Island, N.Y. resident Vin Crispino attempted to icepick a rail for a photo. He had already grinded the rail and pulled it before. On the second try, he landed in a double peg instead of an icepick and crashed on his head. He fractured bones in his face and skull, and suffered bleeding on his brain. To relieve the pressure in his brain, doctors removed part of his skull, and he underwent two brain surgeries. Eventually, Crispino recovered, and he now advocates for the use of helmets in BMX. In the above video, Crispino details his crash, his surgeries, and the route he took back to recovery. Video by Matt Brown.