Eastern's Josh Perry on home turf

From park to trails to street, Josh Perry can ride everything in his path. Cody York

In late November, Josh Perry entered Gamma Knife radiation therapy for a non-cancerous brain tumor that had grown back on his brain in recent months. (In 2010, Perry underwent surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumor from his brain.) According to Perry, surgeons drilled four holes in his skull to secure titanium bolts for a frame that would be used during the radiation therapy.

"It's basically a form of radiation that has 200 beams of radiation generated by radioactive cobalt that, unlike normal radiation, are not powerful enough to damage surrounding tissue," said Perry. "Once they meet at the pinpointed location, they are strong enough to help control/destroy the tumors growth."

Days later, he was back at home in Greenville, N.C., and riding. Not just taking it easy either. Since Perry's first surgery in April of 2010, he's been steadily pushing his own progression at a phenomenal rate. Not long after Josh underwent treatment, we decided to pay him a visit at home in Greenville, and document some of his latest riding. From Greenville's various parks to trails to street spots, Josh rode everything and rode it well. Check the photos.