Canard, Morais injured in SX crash

Ryan Morais is taken off the track by the Asterisk Mobile Medical Crew on Saturday. Steve Cox

AMA Supercross riders Trey Canard and Ryan Morais both suffered back injuries when they crashed together at round three of the series at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night, January 21. For Canard, it was his fourth injury in nine months, following two broken femurs and a fractured collarbone.

Both riders were taken to the Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center.

According to Bill Savino, Honda's manager of powersports press, Canard, 21, injured his T10, T11 and T12 vertebrae. Canard always had 100% feeling in his legs and the doctors were not initially concerned but after a CT scan and MRI, fractures were discovered. He didn't go into surgery until late Tuesday night. "Doctors did robotic surgery to stabilize and fuse the area that was in distress," Savino said. The doctors and family expect a full recovery.

"The surgery went exactly as planned," said Trey's brother Aaron. "He is still in some pain and discomfort but is able to deal with it better and better. He is staying positive and his spirits are up, which is great to see. Depending on how the next few days go, the doctors are hoping Canard can be released to go home by the end of the weekend." Savino said Canard is currently in a brace and, according to brother Aaron's Twitter account, Trey has already briefly been up on his feet.

Morais, 28, who is also expected to fully recover, fractured his C1 C2 C6-7 T1, broke ribs and broke his upper and lower jaws. On Wednesday afternoon his jaws were aligned and wired shut. He will also be wearing a C collar to keep his neck stable. A fundraiser is being held for his benefit in Texas on Feb. 4.

Canard, of Team Honda Muscle Milk was landed on by Rockstar Valli Star Racing's Morais when Canard made a mistake and was unable to complete a triple jump on the first lap of the main event. Morais was already committed to the jump and his rear wheel landed in the middle of Canard's back. The race was red flagged and delayed for 20 minutes while both riders were treated.