Wells wins Relentless Freeze big air

Relentless Freeze: Ski Big Air
Relentless Freeze: Snowboard

After a brief hiatus since last month's big-air-in-the-city event in Zurich, Switzerland, it was London's turn to provide the backdrop for a scaffolding spin-to-win contest/rocking music concert with the Relentless Freeze Festival. In the ski event, New Zealand's Jossi Wells finished on top of a strong line up of 34 athletes. Sweden's Oscar Sherlin took the second spot followed by Norway's PK Hunder in third.

Wells secured his win with his final jump of the evening taking 96 points with a switch dub cork 10. He reverted his first attempt, but stomped his second attempt clean. "This was my first time skiing in London and my first city big air win so I'm so happy," said Wells, who knocked out Elias Ambühl with one of the earlier heats of the evening. "I was lucky to scrape through that round and was upset he couldn't join me in the final but am still so happy how things have turned out."

Oscar Sherlin threw a switch dub cork 12, and was close to taking Wells. But Wells' switch dub cork 10 was close to perfect: perfect landing, perfect style and hard to knock. Sherlin's switch dub 12, although amazing, was not as stylish, landing him in second with 94 points. "At the start of the day I never thought I'd be on the podium," said Sherlin. "I'm blown away by second place."

PK Hunder found himself in the third-place spot with a switch 12 that earned him 92 points. He took it to 14 on his second jump, but was strangely marked down by the judges for it. "Usually I wouldn't be happy with third place, but this year I'm over the moon," said Hunder. "After the injuries I've had over the last two years I never thought I'd be here on the podium."

The contest was run in a head-to-head format in which Gus Kenworthy, Elias Ambühl, Jon Olsson, and Fridtjof Fredricsson were knocked out in the semi-finals, and only four skiers advanced to the final round. Ole Mustard rounded out the final four.