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Men's Freeski Slopestyle Finals

At the Snowbasin Dew Tour's men's ski slopestyle finals on Sunday, it was Nick Goepper of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, who earned the day's highest score. Tom Wallisch got second place and took home the Dew Cup for back-to-back wins in Breckenridge and Killington. Bobby Brown rounded out the podium with a 91.00.

For his second run, Goepper laid it all on the line and upped his score to a 95.00 with a 450 on 270 out on the down rail, front swap backside 450 out on A-frame, switch 270 on backside rodeo 450 out on cannon box, switch left side double cork 1080, and the clincher, a switch right side double cork 1440.

Last to drop for the day, Wallisch put down the most stylish run of the day. Done entirely switch -- the first time he's ever done this -- it went switch lip 270 pretzel 270 off first down rail, switch on frontside switch up to backside 450 out of A-Frame, switch on to crooked cannon rail pretzel backside 450 out, switch left double cork 1080 Japan, switch right double cork 1080 Japan. It earned him a 92.25, giving Geopper the win for the day.

"Honestly, I didn't think I had it when Tom was in the gate," said Goepper. "I thought he was going to pull the rabbit out of the hat again, but my run held out. I got a little wild on last jump, but it improved my score. Tom was being Tom, stomping everything with style." Goepper was also voted the Mitch Breakthrough Performer of the Year.

Wallisch's total points for all three events also earned him the Toyota Rider of the Year award, given to the ski or snowboard athlete with the highest total score. Wallisch edged out snowboard halfpipe heavy hitter Louie Vito for the title.

"My style of skiing is different from some people," said Wallisch after taking second place. "I don't want to go out on second run and try a way harder run or way harder trick. If it's upping it a little here or there, that's cool, but I like to put down the smoothest most complete full run I can. Sometimes it takes two runs to get there. It's not huck and chuck, it's not aerials. It's fun."

Women's Freeski Slopestyle Finals

Fresh off a win at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Canada's Kaya Turski dominated women's ski slopestyle again Sunday at the final stop of the Dew Tour in Snowbasin, winning the event and taking the first-ever women's ski slopestyle Dew Cup.

In the first run it was women's superpipe winner and Dew Cup champion Devin Logan who put down an 89.00 to set the podium pace. Last to go, Turski answered right back with a 92.75, edging Logan out of first. In run two, competition continued to heat up when Anna Segal of Melbourne, Australia, grabbed a 90.75 with a transfer from down rail to down box, back switch up on up-down rail, blind 270 out with grab on cannon box, right 720 safety, and left corked 900.

Next up was Logan's chance to put up a score high enough to make history. She could win the event, which would make her the first woman to win two disciplines at a Dew Tour and take home the Dew Cup. She gave it everything she had with technical, clean rails and a switch 540 off the 60-foot booter, but crashed hard at the 70-footer. This put her in third and gave Turski the win and the Dew Cup.

But, like Sebastien Toutant in men's snowboard slopestyle, Turski did not just take a victory lap. Instead, she upped her score to a 93.75 with a run that went switch 270 to gap blind switch up to down, blind switch up on A-Frame, blind 450 out of cannon box, switch 720 high mute, and switch 540 Japan on the final 70-foot booter.

"Overall having two jumps and three rails worked to my favor today," said Turski. "I just wanted to land something solid that I knew I could land. Winning the comp and the Dew Cup feels awesome. I've been working really hard. I think this is a major opportunity for women's slopestyle skiers going into the Olympics. I've had a lot of support with the Canadian team and with my sponsors, such as Red Bull kicking in and coaching me. I'm just trying to bring my A-Game all the time."

Men's Freeski Superpipe Finals

A field of the world's elite ski superpipe riders assembled Friday night under the lights at Dew Tour Snowbasin for the ultimate throw down on the 615-foot-long superpipe, the longest ever built for competition. Names on the roster read like a who's who in freeskiing, including Simon Dumont, Kevin Rolland, Torin Yater-Wallace, Gus Kenworthy, and Jossi Wells. But it was David Wise who--fresh off his win at the Winter X Games in Aspen--toppled this army of rippers.

Wise came out swinging in run one with massive everything, dropping a switch double cork 1080, right side 900, left side 900, alley-oop flat spin 540 tail grab, and a double cork 1260 to lock in a first-place score of 94.5 and never lose it. He was on a roll and he knew it. So much so, that when he dropped in for his second and final run, third from last to go, he attempted a double cork 1440 on his final hit. A trick that has never been landed in ski halfpipe competition.

"When you drop in third from the end, nothing's ever sure in this sport," said Wise. "I felt confident that I had the 1440. I put it to my feet, so if my skis had stayed on I might have landed it. It's a trick that I think I can have for sure."

Frenchman Kevin Rolland was the last man to drop and the last man to have a chance to knock Wise off the podium en route to his second consecutive Dew Cup. With a stellar run--switch 900 mute grab, switch right side 720, double flare mute grab, double flare reverse safety, and double cork 1260 tail grab -- he secured his second Dew Cup, but couldn't take Wise down. Still, he was very pleased with his performance.

"I'm just relieved now, because my season was not perfect like last year," said Rolland. "I won the first Dew Tour Breckenridge, but then I finished fifth at the second stop and fourth at the Winter X Games, so I was a little disappointed. But here I put the run down, grabbed the Dew Cup, and this makes me feel confident for the next comp."

Torin Yater-Wallace, who put down a run he'd never completed before, finished third with a 92.75, missing the Dew Cup by less half a point. Longtime ski halfpipe powerhouse Simon Dumont finished fourth, and France's Thomas Krief, fifth.

Women's Freeski Superpipe Finals

As the sun dropped and the light towers began to illuminate the 615-foot-long super pipe at Snowbasin, Utah, six of the world's best women's halfpipe skiers prepared to show the world their skills. On the line was not only the podium for the final Dew Tour stop of 2012, but the inaugural Women's Freeski Dew Cup.

Top qualifiers Maddie Bowman (South Lake Tahoe, Calif.), Devin Logan (Dover, Vt.), and Rosalind Groenewould entered into a two-run battle for top honors. Bowman, coming off the win in Killington, and Logan, coming off second, were pushing each other for the Dew Cup win (There was no women's pipe at Breckenridge Dew Tour, so the Dew Cup for this discipline comes from two competitions).

In the end, it was Logan who stole the show, scoring a 90.00 with a Japan grab, 540 tailgrab, flare, mute grab to alley oop critical, 720 mute, and switch alley oop 540. With this run, Devin won the Snowbasin event and the inaugural women's ski halfpipe Dew Cup. Logan, who also competes in slopestyle, is coming off a second place in Killington and is now in contention to pull down two inaugural women's freeski Dew Cups.

"It took a lot of hard work to get here," said Logan. "Coming into it, I knew I had to get a podium to win. Everyone's stepping it up in women's halfpipe riding and it's awesome to see. We're doing it everyday in honor of Sarah Burke. We love you Sarah."

Groenewoud put down a solid second run for an 82.50 and second place on the podium. Her run went big air off the top, 900, cork 540, right 540, left 720, and switch 540.

Bowman rounded out the podium with 80 points and solid run: 900, mute grab, right 540, mute, and right 720.

2012 Snowbasin Dew Tour, Ski Slopestyle Men's Results (Bold indicates Dew Cup winner)

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