Kenworthy wins 2012 Dumont Cup

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Gus Kenworthy, who took second at last year's Dumont Cup, took home the win Saturday at the fourth annual Dumont Cup at Sunday River, Maine. Nick Goepper, last year's Dumont Cup champion, took second, and Joss Christensen skied his way into third place.

Despite record-high temperatures on the East Coast and a lack of snow, the park crew managed to keep the course in skiable condition.

Kenworthy laid down a technical run that scored a 96.00, due in part to his rail work up top, which included a k-fed on the down flat down rail, a 360 switch up 270 out on the up gap flat rail. On the jumps he landed a right 9 lead tail, switch double rodeo 9 japan and a double cork 1260 mute.

"I didn't come into the event with any big expectations, I just wanted to have fun in the sun with my friends," Kenworthy said. "It was super sunny and the course was sick. I'm stoked to walk away on top."

Goepper put down a technical jump run with a variation of different doubles on every jump, scoring a 94.00, putting him in second place for his seventh podium of the season. Christensen scored a 89.00 after laying down a smooth run from top to bottom capitalized with a double cork 1260 and a switch rightside 1260 at the bottom.

This marked Christensen's third podium at this event, the most in Dumont Cup history. "It's a great event, and it's only getting better," Christensen said. "Hopefully next year I will finally be in that top spot, but I couldn't be happier for Gus and Nick."