Bobby Worrest: Interview With A True Original

These days the real characters in skateboarding seem fewer and farther between. Used to be, the misfits were running the industry and originality was everywhere you looked. But with the boom in skating's popularity in recent years, cookie cutter rippers have infiltrated the ranks. Sure, everyone's good now and progression is at an all-time high. But where are the weirdos: the Lee Ralphs and Jason Jessees of this modern age? Lucky for skateboarding, true originals like Bobby Worrest shine through in any era. —Adam Salo

Let's start off with how you ended up riding for Krooked.
The way I started riding for Krooked was that my buddy Mike Nalls hooked me up with Real skateboards. Right around that time they started Krooked and sent me a box to check out and asked me if I wanted to skate for Krooked.

Give me a good Gonz quote.
Hey Mark, I'm comin' to New York this weekend wanna skate?
Gonz: "Eh. Let's ride bikes!"

What's up with The Rattlers?
The band Rattler is pretty amazing. They have songs like, "She's Too Young For Me" and "Panty Incinerator." They're, this '80s rock band from Virginia and they know how to get the party started!

What do you play?
My roll during Rattler shows is to fight my way to the front of the crowd and spit as much beer into the crowd and on the band as I possible can!

Has anyone ever killed a live animal or anything on stage at a Rattlers show?
Yes, but only party animals.

Who are some of the best skateboarders from the East Coast right now?
Dan Pensyl, Jason Dill, Jimmy MacDonald and Zered Bassett. Gilbert Crockett, too.

How about out West?
Mike Anderson. Hands down.

What's up with the tattoo addiction?
When it's cold and there's nothing to do and your friends with everyone at the tattoo shop. That's where addiction sets in.

I heard you got a Rambo tat.
Yep. Rambo tat on my chest. He's a big inspiration.

I also heard most of the tattoo's you got are just some random sh*t. Did you put any thought into any of them?
Yeah. Most of 'em I just walked in and asked one of the artists to draw something up. I said that I wanted to get tatted but didn't know what to get.

What's the worst tat you got?
I didn't put too much thought into most of 'em so whether that be good or bad, I've got them for the rest of my life.

What's you favorite Antuwan Dixon tat?
Ha ha! His tattoos are amazing! He doesn't think about his tattoos either. Just whatever pops in his head, He's down to get somewhere on his head.

Have you ever been pulled over on a moped?
No comment.

Did you get your moped towed?
No comment (Cops were hatin' on a player).

You still got that booming system in your Impala?
Ah the boom system can't be f**ked with. Darren Harper is the only person I know in my area who can crush me with his block rockin' beats.

Of all your homies, who is the least likely to chip in for gas?
If you're a homie I'm not letting you chip in for gas.

What's your plan after professional skateboarding?
Live on the streets. Sleep at Pulaski.

Would you ever start a East Coast company then put on a bunch of people on from the West Coast?
If you start an East Coast company and are claiming East Coast, you better stay East Coast.

Give your best definition of vert skating.
John A. Grigley.

Is a bad day in D.C. better than a good day in Maryland?
Well, Maryland is the suburbs of D.C. so I guess I'd rather be in the city on a rainy day. Don't get it twisted though, Maryland is tight.

Tell me all of your sponsors and why the are the sh*t.
My sponsors are the best! Deluxe: Straight up, the sh*t. You got a different opinion? Think again! éS shoes, C'mon now. You already know. Pit Crew is the realest skateshop I've ever been to. I'm glad to support them and they treat me great. Swiss are the best bearings. Roughneck hardware is straight roughneck!
And Independent is built to grind. The best sh*t.

Any shout outs or last words?
Everybody! D.C., them Queens Boys, everybody in NY, SF & LA. Rattler, Stunboyz, everybody!