Accident Prone

Corey blasts an ollie driveway to driveway in the skater's playground that is San Francisco. Kyle Camarillo

Corey Duffel's been through a lot. Of the 25 years he's spent breathing, more than half have also been spent skating. And, though Duffel's achieved more with his skateboarding than most skaters ever will, he's had his fair share of setbacks as well. In early days, Duffel's mouth caused him more injury than his gnarly skating ever could. A few loose phrases tossed around and his entire career was almost derailed completely. But, Duffel realized the error of his words, apologized profusely and did the only thing he knew to get himself back on track: He skated as hard as he could. Time being the herb that heals most wounds, Duffel eventually found himself accepted back into skateboarding's fold. And by this time, he was skating better than ever. Today Duffel's on top of his game with unique style, massive pop and undeniable skill. The only thing that slows him down these days seems to be his own body which he just keeps pushing to the limits. The kid has been spotted skating with casts on both wrists before! Most recently a broken leg has delayed Duffel from finishing his latest video part, But, if we know him at all, he'll pull through with a solid offering even if he has to film with crutches. —Adam Salo

Corey, recently you have had a broken back, broken finger, a broken toe, a broken leg, and a problem with your Sciatic nerve. What has been going on?
I don't know, bad luck or something, trying to film a Transworld part is breaking me off.

How is filming for the Transworld video going?
It's been ok, really stressful though. It seems like everything is going well then I get hurt or some crap. But I should be able to wrap up my part and make it ok.

What's new at Foundation?
Just some sweet new graphics and team additions. It's gonna be really rad in 2009 for us.

How was that last trip to Australia?
OZ was killer but I tore ligaments in my toe, making it difficult to enjoy. I was in OZ for two weeks and couldn't skate because of my toe, which sucked. Other than that it was amazing.

When was the last time you traveled with (Foundation founder/owner) Tod Swank?
I've been on Foundation for eight years now and that was the first time. It was badass. I love Swank.

What's new at Osiris?
I have two new shoes coming out that I'm really proud of. Osiris has done a great job finishing the product and design, the shoes will be rad. There have been some team changes but I hope everything works for the best.

What happened over at Split, do you have anything in the works?
Honestly, I have no clue. Corporate a**holes were only in it for the money and they thought '09 was going to be a loss so they bailed out. That's some real Munson s**t!
I am on the new, revamped Ambiguous. It's going to be sick. The team is JT Aultz, Jason Adams, Sid Melvin and Sean Conover so far. I think it's going to be a really rad thing. (Ed. note: Corey is also getting signature belts and wallets from Armourdillo)

What's the longest amount of time you have gone without getting hurt?
I've gone over a year without any major injuries but otherwise it seems like every couple weeks something happens. I'm prone to it, I guess.

Where are some of you favorite places to travel in the US?
North Cacka! I love Denver and Portland. I also love San Diego, too. I spend a lot of time down there.

What about Internationally?
I am a fan of the US. but I like Japan a lot. I'll go anywhere and have a blast, but the US is what I like the best.

What do you like most about being a professional skateboarder?
Skateboarding has no rules! So I like how I can do as I please and I have a schedule of my own.

What do you dislike?
Politics and other s**tty mark-a** structures. I hate skating when I don't want to.

Who is your normal skate posse?
Chris LaRue, Cameron and Adam. I keep it simple, I don't like skating with many people and I get nervous around pros.

Who is your chill posse?

People always ask if you are in a band. Do you actually play any instruments?
I used to play bass but after wrist operations I can't play anymore. I'm a poser! (laughs)

What would be the style of music if you had a band?
I'd like to play in a '77 style punk band or some power pop punk stuff. It'd be sweet tunes for the ears.

Who would you ask to be in the band and what instruments would they play?
My girlfriend Rachel is a smashing drummer so I'd get her in on the drums. I'd like to be on bass. My brother, Kevin would be on lead guitar and my friend Cameron could be on vocals because he's got that good throat.

What are your favorite videos?
I like Slash's part in the Fallen video, Ride The Sky.

Let's do some favorites. Favorite bands?
The Police, English Beat, The Jam and The Cure.

Favorite TV shows?
"The Simpsons," "King of the Hill," "Futurama" and InuYasha.


Is it true you can't stop skating even when you are broke off?
I hate not being productive. I hate people that have nothing to achieve going for them; being lazy pisses me off.

You were tré flipping with your leg in a cast last year right?
Stupidly enough, yes.

Any new plans for 2009?
Film the best part I can and remain happy with myself and my girl, Rachel.

Any leads on the person that stole the grill off your Toyota Corolla?
I wish. The I could f**k their grill up! Who steals a grille?!

Who are some of the raddest up-and-coming ams right now?
I like Justin Brock. He's sick. I think Jimmy Carlin is awesome too.

Any advice for turning this jacked economy around?
Don't even think about it. Just do the same as last year and the year before. Don't fret. Everything is going to be fine. People stress too much.

Last words?
Learn the rules.... suck it.