English Breakfast

Olly tests the waters with a boardless leap over a potential gap to skate. Skateboarder mag's John Bradford

Olly Todd is an original. Discerning skate nerds began to pick up on Olly's vibe when he was riding for Landscape skateboards out of Britain around the turn of the century. But Olly really stepped into the spotlight when he caught the attention of Chris Pastras and Jason Lee over at Stereo and became one of the early additions to the rekindled brand. With an American sponsor and increased coverage in magazines and videos worldwide, Olly kept things moving with several trips across the Atlantic as he filmed for his classic video part in Josh Stewart's "Static III." Now working on a part for the first Stereo video since 2004's "Way Out East," Olly is still taking it all in stride. His creativity and casual style shines through as always.

What's your full name?
Oliver Todd, I have no middle name.

Who all gives you free stuff?
Stereo, Dekline, Hi-Fi wheels, Krux trucks, Carhartt clothes and Slam City Skates skateshop in London.

Where do you live in London and how does London compare to the States?
My end is called Elephant and Castle. Nowhere in the States compares to it.

Is skateboarding your full time job?
Yeah man.

What's the number one thing about being a professional skateboarder?
The freedom.

Give me two of the biggest up and comers living in the UK?
Ben Nordberg, Kris Vile.

Who are the Legends?
Carl Shipman, Danny Wainwright, Paul Shier, Manzo and Neil Dans.

What's the UK's most famous skate spot?
South Bank in London.

When was the last time you skated there?

Was "Static 3" your last video part?

How much time did you put into filming for "Static 3?"
About three months in London and two or three trips to the East Coast of the U.S.

Give me your best Josh Stewart (filmer and creator of the "Static" video series) quote?
"Chai latté."

Is Josh Stewart a mad man?
Nearly and he's a big germ freak as well.

What's the next video you are working on?
The full-length Stereo video.

You are known for having a great skateboarding style, list a few skateboarders you think have amazing style.
Benny Fairfax, Ben Gore, Danny Supa and Danny Renaud.

What happens between you and Clint Peterson on Stereo tours?
Clint pulls the most girls because he's taller and drives a nice car.

Give me the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the following skateboarders.
Josh Kalis: G.
Bobby Puleo: Uncompromising.
Gino Iannucci: G.
Jason Lee: Best push ever.
Nick Trapasso: Nonchalance.
Antwuan Dickson: Arms by his side.
Tom Penny: Blessed.
Jack Sabback: Good dude.
Austin Stephens: Cruising.
Kenny Reed: Russian statue.

Here is the fill in the blank part of the interview. Last time I thought about skating a handrail I: Didn't skate one.

If I tired to fight Kenny Hughes I would: Wear a motorbike helmet.

If I rode for Zero instead of Stereo I think I would: Learn how to run down stairs really fast.

When I looked at Antwuan's Thrasher cover I: Said 'that's awesome.'

I need: coffee to drink so I can: wake up.

I pretty much hate: When there's free food but I'm not hungry.

If I won the lottery I would: Build a private indoor skatepark /pool hall/bar.

All day long I think about: What I'd do with lottery winnings.