Whole Wide World

Anthony Shetler has spent nearly a decade on teams with his close friends Brandon Westgate, Aaron Suski and Team Manager Seamus Deegan—from Fiveboro to Birdhouse to Zoo York. He has put out two amazing video parts in the last year (""All I Need"" and what ended up being his goodbye part in Zoo York's "State of Mind"), but now he's stepping out on his own. Anthony saw a better future at World Industries, going from am at Zoo to pro at World. He is now taking an active roll in building the team back into the spirit of raw street skating that World Industries once embodied in the '90s. Here are some his thoughts and insights on the switch.

You just came out with your Zoo part. How did you decide to move on to go pro for World?

Basically, [World Industries TM] Charlie Thomas called me up and he presented it to me. I wasn't really thinking about it. I wasn't thinking about quitting Zoo or anything like that, but I started talking to Charlie more and more. We talked for a few weeks and we reached an agreement and I thought it was a good deal, so I wanted to do it.

Will you be riding for the shoes as well or just boards?

The shoes as well. I know people think that's a bad idea, but I'm working on a clothing sponsor, as well, to balance it out ... so all my eggs are not in one basket.

You live on the East Coast, right?

Yeah, in Massachusetts.

I know you just got on the team, but Zoo is definitely an East Coast company and World is a very West Coast company. Does it feel different being on World?

I mean, I rode for Birdhouse before, so I kind of understand the feel. I lived in Long Beach for two years when I skated for Birdhouse. And then I came back here and I was just hyped to be with my family and friends, so Zoo York was cool. Now, I'm excited to start working with World, try to build up an epic team and put my graphic out. It feels good to get it going a little bit more. It feels like a good fit.

Having been on the same teams with Westgate, Suski and TM Seamus Deegan for almost a decade (5boro, Birdhouse and then Zoo), was it hard to make the decision to leave? What will you miss?
Yeah, it was hard, man. Those guys are my homies and always will be. But we all live close to one another, so we will still see each other all the time. I'll just miss traveling with those guys.

Did young Westgate going pro have any influence on your decision?

No way, man. I'm so hyped for Westgate. We are the closest thing to brothers, without having the same parents. I don't get jealous, man—that's for girls [laughs]. I just got an awesome offer and went with it, so I'm hyped on where I'm at.

Are there any plans for videos just from you or projects that World is working on?

Actually, on TransWorld, they're gonna have a full minute and a half video part with an interview and photos. I dropped those five tricks for World Industries to use and then we worked out a deal with Transworld, so they have my new part up.

Have you traveled with the team yet or is it too soon?

We just finalized it—I've been working on my graphics, I've been talking to Charlie. I already knew Andrew Cannon and Mike Franklin. I knew some of the dudes. I met Cody Davis before. And, I've known Charlie for a while, just from living in California and whatnot. But, yeah, we're going on a trip, I believe, at the end of September ... just a filming mission, so I can get an ad out when my board drops.

Who are you most excited to jump in the van with on tours with the team?

Charlie Thomas—he shreds—and Cody and my homie Nick Audlee. You will know who he is soon. He's on the come up.

You said you want to be part of helping the team grow. Are they going to be adding new riders to World?

Yeah, from my understanding, a couple guys' contracts are up and they're not going to renew them. And, I know that they're looking for another pro. So, first off, I'm hoping to get all my footage out there and get my pro board out and then get this going. I can't say, but we definitely have a few riders in mind. That was part of the deal, too. I kind of weighed my options: I could ride for a company where I'm on a team with a bunch of dudes where maybe I don't stand out as much, or I go to a team and they help build the team around me and we build the team together and I get a board, for sure. And, I'm with some people I already know, like Charlie and Andrew, so it made a lot of sense for me.

What are you gonna do with that first pro paycheck?

Save it, man. I'm trying to own some property for my girl and my dog, Elwood, and my family.

Congratulations. It sounded like it was kind of hard to go pro on Zoo, so it's a good fit.

Yeah, there was a lot going on, with the recession. A lot of companies are scared to make it happen, you know? So, I'm super psyched and I just want to bring World back to raw street skating.

Like in the '90s?
Yeah, like Kareem, Chico and Shiloh—the "New World Order" stuff. That's the stuff that I remember, so I'm stoked to be a part of bringing World back to that.