Inline No Longer X Games Competition

ESPN announced March 1 that Aggressive Inline Skating would no longer be featured as a full competition in the X Games. Since 1995, Aggressive InLine has appeared at the X Games in the following competition disciplines: Vert, Street, High Air, Best Trick, Vert Triples and Park.

The official statement from ESPN reads:

"As the action sports landscape continues to evolve, the X Games has a responsibility to evolve with it. This is why each year we monitor and evaluate the most appropriate sports for inclusion in the upcoming X Games. We take into consideration a variety of factors including the sport's progression, live television demands, demographics of our viewers and on-site fans, etc.

In evaluating all the aspects of the Aggressive Inline Skate, which has had a successful 10 year run at the X Games, we have made the decision to present a six athlete Vert demonstration in lieu of a full competition at X Games 11. We will continue to feature Aggressive Inline Skate Vert and Park competitions at International X events in regions that have a strong inline presence. Exact dates, times and athlete lineup for both the competitions and the demo will be announced at a later date.

We will also maintain our relationship with our valuable partner, MRM Productions in their role as sport organizer.

Why is there no competition at X Games 11?

X Games 10 featured an AIL Vert competition, but domestically, this sport isn't growing at the rate of our other sports. It is still a strong sport in other countries around the world, which is why you will see both a Vert and Park competition featured at our international events.

Will the demo athletes be paid?

Yes, they will receive an appearance fee, like all our demo athletes do."

* Check back for more information on X Games 11. We will update the site as new information becomes available.

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