Interview: Catching Up With Billy Marks

Billy Marks caused quite a stir with his part in last year's Fallen footwear video "Ride The Sky." After that accomplishment and the promotional tours that followed, Marks didn't slow down for long logging tricks at The Berrics for his Battle Commander segment that turned some heads once again. Some time between all that he managed to become a new father as well. Now he's already deep into filming for the next Toy Machine project. How does one man with such a great moustache do so much? Marks' good friend Mike Sinclair caught up with him to find out what his rollercoaster life has been like lately and just what he would do if he ever became truly rich.

How's life changed since having a kid?
It is definitely a scary thing because you have to take care of a new born and have no clue what you're doing. I find myself getting bummed out when I am away from him.

What's your son's name?
Catch Kaden Marks.

Who named the baby?
Ashley [Billy's lady] picked the name. But we both named him. I didn't really like the name at first; it seems like one that kids would make fun of. But now it seems totally normal to me. I can't see him having any other name.

Where Ashley come up with the name Catch from?
She said it was from a movie but she can't remember which one.

At what age will Catch make his first worthless technology purchase? [Billy has a reputation for buying some non-vital electronics.]
I'm not sure. I'll probably end up buying something for him tomorrow, an iPod shuffle or something.

You don't seem excited about being a dad?
I am totally excited! I really want him to be like, 3 already. Then we can skate and hang out together. It's too hard right now trying to communicate and having no idea what's wrong with him or what he wants.

You never talk about your kid ...
I never talk to you about him. How's this? I'll call you every hour and give you updates. When was the last time you asked about him? Huh? How 'bout that! I've got more footage of him than I have of myself!

Do you sleep in a separate room from Ashley and Catch?
I did for a little while. Ashley would fall asleep before me and Catch would be beside her in the bed. I was too scared of rolling over or elbowing him in the head while I was sleeping.

Josh Harmony did that when he had a baby. Told me he needed his regular sleep so he slept in a separate room from the baby.
Luckily for me, Catch sleeps like nine hours a night so I can get close to my normal 14 hours of sleep.

Has your son been to The Berrics with you yet?
No, not yet. But I'm sure he will go with me pretty soon.

Has he met Ed Templeton [Billy's teammate and boss on Toy Machine] yet?

What did he think of Ed?
I'm not sure. I was skating at the Maloof Money Cup when Catch met him. Ed got some good photos of a screaming baby.

I hear all you skate is The Berrics now, with the exception of some contest appearances and trips here and there. What happened to the old Bill?
Naw, I just tell you that that's all I skate. I was skating The Berrics a lot because I was trying to finish my Battle Commander. I went street skating not too long ago but I jacked my knee up. Plus, no one calls me to street skate anymore.

If you ever become rich, will you buy big diamond earrings?
Yeah, just to have them.

Define "Rich."
Rich=To have a lot of stuff.

What are the top three worst purchases you have ever made?
My house. I lost a ton. My new car: the old one was fine. And the diamond earrings I'm gonna buy, after I get rich of course.

Someone also said you won't ever film another full video part. What is your response to that and why do you think someone would make such a claim?
Really? Who said that? I think I know who. It's funny how people will just assume things that are the furthest from the truth. I don't really know why someone would say that.

How many more video parts do you think you have left in you?
However many Toy tries to put out.

I've seen you lose more tricks than you have learned. What ever happed to all the "new stuff" you use to be working on?
What is this "lose tricks"? What was I working on? Watch my Berrics part. I got some never been done before s---.

Did Jamie Thomas ever see the Lonely Blue Guy commercial?
I dunno! Ask him.

Has your shoe started to sell yet?
Hell no. But Ed Templeton did some artwork on my newest shoe called "The Pawn." It's definitely my best shoe.

Do you have any new sponsors?
Vitamin Water? I'm flow for them I guess. And I may be doing something with The Berrics.

Let's talk about them for a minute.

I put in the request for the all gold Pig Wheels you wanted but I don't think they wanted to make them. What kind of jerk would buy a pair of gold colored wheels anyway?
I honestly don't even remember saying that! I wanted gold on my wheel but not all gold. I think you assumed that and I just went with it. I know some kid is at the Corona park right now riding golden wheels.