Collin Provost Interview

You can kind of imagine Collin as a kid, in helmet and pads, screaming "Flying out!" to all the other skaters. But, many years later, as a grown up with a man's-length mane and draped in rock band T-shirts, it looks awesome. Transfer from bowl to bank. Joe Hammeke

For a lot of people, Collin Provost made one hell of an opening mark a few years back, with a lipslide down a laid out 25-stair rail that seemed to defy the logic of we less talented folk. Since those early years of short hair that misled most observers into thinking he was the run-of-the-mill clean-cut OC kid, he's come into his own as an all-terrain ripping long hair. After years as what appeared to be Element's impending future, Collin made the unexpected jump to Toy Machine, a move that makes sense for someone who grew up in Huntington Beach, the birthplace of Toy, and who shares a shoe sponsor with his legendary boss, Ed Templeton. I took a few minutes to catch up with Collin to ask him about the switch.

How did you end up getting on Toy?
Um, basically, I was at Sole Tech one day and Ed [Templeton] was there and he saw my footage and asked me if I wanted to ride for them.

You're from Huntington Beach originally, right? That's the home of Toy. Have you always been a big fan?
Yeah, of course. It's got so much history behind it, you know? They've always had such an awesome team and Ed's from Huntington.

I guess it's pretty new, but how's it being teammates with Ed?

Definitely psyched. I haven't really gotten to know him that well, but I'm really psyched. He's a legend.

Did you ever get to travel with him on Emerica trips?
No. Oddly enough, I've never even been on a trip with him.

But, being on Emerica definitely helped make the connection to get on Toy Machine, I'm guessing.
Yeah, they just kind of helped me out with making that connection, you know?

How did everything end up with Element?
It went over well. I don't know...they were bummed, but they were pretty understanding of the whole thing, so it went over pretty well, considering.

Did the move to Toy have anything to do with everybody giving you a hard time about being on Element in the most recent Back to the Banks issue of Skateboarder Magazine?
[Laughs] Oh no, that had nothing to do with it. You know, I've been with Element for a long time and this opportunity came up and I really wanted to ride for Toy more than Element. It just kind of came down to that.

Who have you gotten along with the most on the new team?
I don't know...everybody's tight—[Matt] Bennett, [Nick] Trapasso, Leo [Romero], Johnny [Layton] and Daniel Lutheran. I'm just on this trip right now, so basically everyone on this trip.

You're in North Carolina, right? How's it going?
It's going pretty good. It's the first time out with the whole team. It's pretty fun.

Where have you been so far?
We went to the courthouse rail and a bunch of other spots. I don't know too many. Dan Murphy has been showing us around a little. I'm stoked to be with the crew, though.

So, how's it feel to be a Loyal Pawn?
Man, I'm f**king psyched! It feels great.