A Good Year

It's a vast understatement to say Chris Cole had a good year in 2009. Cole accomplished more in this one year than many high-caliber athletes do in a lifetime. Capping a year of contest wins, entrepreneurial endeavors and mind-blowing tricks, Cole was awarded Thrasher magazine's Skater of the Year honor. Skater of the Year remains one of the highest and most coveted honors in skateboarding. Cole won the award once prior, in 2005, and now joins Danny Way as the only two skaters in history to win the honor twice. Here's a chronological look back at Cole's year for the history books.

With the Fallen video, "Ride the Sky," dropping in August 2008, the premiere and tours that followed took Cole into the early days of 2009. He spent the first months of 2009 skating with friends, moving himself and his family (his wife and his son, Wyatt) from Pennsylvania to Southern California, and planning the opening of his own skate shop.

The Skateboard Mag cover: Cole's switch frontside flip to five-o down a hubba ledge graces the cover of the mag's June issue hitting newsstands in April.

"Back to the 'Berg" Wallenberg Big Four Contest
San Francisco, May 30
1st Place (switch frontside flip and backside 360 ollie)

Cover of Thrasher magazine: Cole's bloody hands and a backside 360 down the Wallenberg four grace the cover of the August issue, which hit newsstands in late June.

Maloof Money Cup
Costa Mesa, Calif., July 12
First place

Dew Tour Skate Open ISF World Championship of Skateboarding
Boston, July 25
Third place, Skateboard Park

X Games 15
Los Angeles, Aug. 1
Seventh place, Skateboard Street

Dew Tour Wendy's Invitational
Second place, Skateboard Park

Grand Opening
Langhorne, Pa., Aug. 22
Cole opens his own skate shop, Reign, in his hometown.

Crossroads Tradeshow Best Trick Contest
First place on the rail (Full cab front blunt)

Dew Tour Toyota Challenge
Salt Lake City, Sept. 20
Second place, Skateboard Park

Dew Tour Play Station Pro
Orlando, Fla., Oct. 18
First place, Skateboard Park: Cole is crowned 2009 Dew Tour Skatepark Champion

Chris Cole Week
Los Angeles, Oct. 19-24
Cole gets an entire week dedicated to his skating at The Berrics

Zero skateboards "Strange World" video premiere
Encinitas, Calif., Oct. 29
Cole shares a full part with pal Tom Asta barely a year after his mind-blowing part in Fallen's "Ride the Sky" video.

Battle at the Berrics 2: Game of SKATE
Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 22
First place

Backside 360 kickflip
Carlsbad, Calif.
Cole's sequence of his backside 360 kickflip down the infamous Carlsbad gap runs in the January 2010 issue of Thrasher hitting shops and newsstands in early December.

Skater of the Year
San Francisco, Dec. 11
Crowned 2009 Thrasher magazine Skater of the Year at their annual party.