What's Eating Gilbert Crockett?

Gilbert Crockett came out west with guns blazing. The Richmond, Virginia phenom landed a spot on Mystery skateboards and Fallen footwear in time to film video parts for their respective videos within a year of each other. Once the world saw what Crockett had logged on film, everyone was a convert. Then Crockett shocked the masses yet again with some sponsor switch ups and a move back east. Still doin' thangs on his own terms Crockett is happy with where he's at and where he's headed. We caught up with him to get the latest.

Give me you full name.
Gilbert Lee Crockett.

Damn, that's real southern right there! What are some nicknames that you've had that may or may not have stuck?
"Hair by Gil-ber," "Gibbon," "Gibbonnation," "Spring Chicken" and "Sprockets."

Isn't your older brother Garland a monster truck racer?
He wishes!

Is your mom still a big Eddie Money fan?

Do you know any of Eddie Money's greatest hits?

How did a kid from basically nowhere come out to San Diego, film two major video parts in a year's time [Fallen's "Ride the Sky" and Mystery's "Black and White"] then move back to nowhere?
Well it started with Maury and Kim from Dominion skateshop hooking me up with Bob Reynolds who was the Fallen rep at the time. Later on, Bob hooked me up with you (Sinclair was the Fallen Team Manager at that time) and I came out to San Diego for a while and things started rolling from there.

How long did you live at the Black Box Training Facility?
A little more than two years.

Did you ever work at Black Box, in the warehouse?
Yes, but not for very long. I wasn't very good.

I heard you use to just drink Red Bull and stare off into space while everyone else was working.
I did something like that. That and I skated flatground.

Was working in that warehouse your first real job?

Did you think you would get fired as a warehouse worker?

Let's discuss your recent change in sponsors. How did everything change basically overnight?
It was basically being in the right place at the right time. I was in Richmond when the Alien Workshop team came through on tour. I hung out with everyone while they were here and we just kinda went from there.

Do the Alien guys know about your obsessive compulsive behavior?
[Laughs] Maybe a few of them. I ain't that bad.

What do you obsess over the most these days?
Pants, probably.

I remember you use to adjust your truck for hours. How much adjusting do Indy's really need? Aren't they perfect?
They are perfect...after some breaking-in and fiddling.

Didn't Fallen change something with their shoes, nobody knew about it but you noticed and freaked out on the new adjustments that nobody seemed to notice?
[Laughs] They changed factories and the soles were softer. I noticed it and freaked out.

Do you think you will ease up on the insanity or will in become worse as you get older?
It could go either way. It seems like it has gotten better over the years.

Alien Workshop seems like a tight team. Have you been on a trip yet and gotten to know the other riders?
I haven't been on a Workshop trip yet, but I stayed at Dylan Rieder's house and skated with him, Arto Saari, and Anthony Van Engelen. It was fun. We skated every day with good weather and ate some good-ass food.

Are there any other southern Alien Workshop riders you shred with?
My friend Erich is flow for Alien and we skate together here in Richmond. I skated with Grant Taylor a little bit when he was here.

Your home in Virginia is just south of the Mason Dixon line so you are sort of on the fence. What do you claim being so close to the North and South?
I claim Southeast.

I though you would say that. You do have a dog named Dixie though, right?

Who named him Dixie?
I named HER Dixie.

Do you have your own place in Virginia?
Nah. I live on the third floor of my grandma's house.

Do you have a car?

So what do you spend your money on?
Food and clothes!

Is this your first interview?
People might think so.

What do you want to say to the kids know out there?