The Essential Daniel Lutheran

I thought Toy Machine and Vans flow trash Daniel Lutheran was just another SoCal beach bum. Then I spent a week on the road with him to Phoenix Am for a Vans article in the next issue of The Skateboard Mag. Turns out Lutheran's from Albuquerque, New Mexico and he's super awesome. I've never met anyone from New Mexico before but if everyone there is like Daniel, all smiley, bouncy, talking in a secret language of essential catch phrases all their own, then New Mexico might just be the best place in America, Which Daniel points out, is on Earth.

You're on a couple's retreat right now with J-Lay?
Yeah, screw you. Yeah, I am. We retreated to Albuquerque with a few other couples from Toy Machine.

I thought it was just the two of yous.
You wish. No way. We got a crew out here, Toy Machine-style. We got Matt Bennett, Austin Stephens, Johnny Layton, Kevin Barnett, Ben Karpinski from Thrasher is shooting, me and my little brother and my two older brothers.

Is Ed Templeton with you?
No, he's not. I wish.

Has he taken a photo of your junk yet since getting on the team? (Editor's Note: In his artistic career outside of skateboarding Templeton has been known to take tasteful nude photgraphs.)
No, not yet.

Does it bum you out that he hasn't asked?
I feel a little bit left out, I guess.

Will you be shy when its time to show it?
Oh absolutely. I'm all bark, no bite. But who cares? Don't tell anybody that.

Explain to me what an East Coast video line is.
Dude, you're trying to get me cornered! Essentially you just do an ollie up a curb and then a trick and that's an East Coast line and if you're lucky you go back around and go off the curb again, I guess. So ollie up, flatground trick, doesn't even matter, a little bonk on some rusty brick spot and then off the curb; East Coast line. No big deal.

How do you feel about the East Coast line?
I think it's epic. I think the East Coast is way more raw than the West Coast.

How about (Vans and Chocolate NYC flow rider) Yaje Popson?
Fool is so tight. Get on his blog! Once he stops crying he's going to blow up huge.

He does cry a lot though, right?
He's like a little brother so it's tight to cry.

Does your little brother cry a lot?
No. He doesn't cry.

Do you and your brother ever do mixed doubles?
Mixed doubles? What does that mean?

You know ... mixed doubles.
Like on a ramp? Yeah, we do mixed doubles. If it's sketchy and I'm saying we do it, then erase it. If it's legit, then we do it. Do it or don't. If it's sketchy we don't do it. If its not sketchy we do it fo sho.

You're a bubbly, happy person. I heard your parents are also absurdly bubbly.
Really? They are great people, for sure. They're essential people. I can see that. Sometimes they're stoked. Sometimes they're not. But they're good. They got the hype inside of them.

Where are you from?
Albuquerque, which is located in New Mexico, which located in North America, which is on Planet Earth.

How's that going for you?
So good to be here, dude. On Planet Earth that is, not even anywhere specific.

What is there to do in Albuquerque?
A lot of skating. Girls to try and find. There's a college scene. They have all the seasons. There's, like, a mountain and water around.

Do you guys not have skateshops there? Is that why you want to ride for NJ Skateshop?
On blast! No, there's skateshops here I just fully back your steez. I figured I had to let you know in the most epic way, which is why you're sending me a box of tees.

Is New Jersey the other New Mexico? Or is New Mexico the other New Jersey?
Yeah, hell yeah. Both. They're both the same. They're both sketchy but super good, you know? That's what I think of New Jersey; really sketchy but sick. Just like you. Before I met you I'd read things you wrote and think you were lame like, "This dude is mean." Then I met you and tried to take you down. Now I'm psyched on you.

What was the highlight of this recent Vans Am tour to Phoenix?
The Vans girls were tight; they're so good. And meeting Gilbert [Crockett] and Chima [Ferguson], that was essential. Those fools hold it down. Partying with [Van's Team Manager] Jamie Hart and [Van's Marketing Manager] Robin Fleming was key. Pretty much every day, all the days were essential.

What was your maneuver on stage for The Bad Brains show at South By Southwest?
It was a run up! I did a "woo woo," threw my arms up and dipped out of there as fast as I could. I didn't crowd surf afterwards I just ran with my feet first into the crowd; that was essential.

You didn't get beat up by the bouncers?
No, I'm way too quick for them, dude!

You're just Toy Machine flow trash right now, right?
Yeah, essentially. Flow trash, best way to be.

What are you going to do to change that?
Dude, I'm gonna go for it! Gonna do it or don't. I'm changing it. Trying to jump on the big stuff, I guess. I got to HTFU if that's what you're saying. You're right.

Hurry the F up?
That too, but Harden The F Up and jump on the big stuff, live good and that's it.

Has it been helping or hindering living with Leo Romero?
Helping, fully. He's best dude out.

Does he look down his nose at you when you go down rails when he's going up them?
Yeah, he waves and I say, "How's the weather up there?"

What's a good PG-13 Leo's house story?
We recruited a bunch of these random girls over the house and they come in all flirty-style and try to touch Leo's hair and he freaked and was like, "What the hell are you doing? You need to get out of here!" Walked all four of these girls out and then he goes to the balcony and unloads fireworks on them. They came back and egged the house but still an essential story, dude.