Chris Cole on DC Shoe Co.

The cat is out of the bag: two-time Thrasher magazine Skater of The Year Chris Cole is riding for DC Shoes. Prior to this move, Cole had a long run with Fallen Footwear. Cole rode for Fallen since that brand's inception. Fallen is the brainchild of Jamie Thomas, the pro skater that founded the Fallen brand as well as Zero skateboards [Cole's board sponsor] and Black box distribution. Thomas and Cole have been friends and teammates for years. I spoke with Cole on the eve of the team change announcement about his big decision and what it means for his future.

So just to hear it from the horse's mouth as it were, what's your new sponsor?
My new shoe sponsor is DC Shoes. I'm really psyched about it.

Are you riding for DC clothing as well?
Nope, just shoes. I have other things in mind as far as clothing goes.

Okay now that that's out of the way, this is something that's been in motion for some time. Can you tell me a little bit about how you got involved with DC? Who approached you or did you approach them?
It had been thrown out there a long time ago, but it wasn't the right time for me. The rumors were circulating a long time before I had even given it real consideration, honestly. There ended up being some changes in the employment lineup that I am really happy about, and I have talked at length about where I want to go with my shoe designs as well as where the overall direction of the brand is going. DC came from skateboarding and they are putting all of their efforts into the skateboarding side of the brand. What they can do to improve the function of a skateboarding shoe is a huge draw.

You had a long run with Fallen, since its beginning and you're obviously tight with Jamie Thomas. How did the decision to leave Fallen come about and was it a hard decision to make for you?
It was definitely a hard decision. It didn't happen over night and I definitely had a lot of pondering to do. Ha ha! Jamie and I talked about it from the moment it was brought up, until the moment it was settled. I never wanted to pull the rug from under Fallen's feet and I feel like I am leaving Fallen at a good time for Fallen as well as a good time for me. It's not easy to walk away from the company who I've been with during monumental moments in my career, and run by one of my best friends, but it is the right decision.

Does this decision affect your status on Zero skateboards at all?
Not at all. I'm more involved with Zero than I ever have been, and that will not change.

Are you filming a part for the upcoming "Cold War" video?
I'm trying to. I'm trying to conjure up tours whenever I can because the team is so damn fun, but its tough. I try to put a full part with every video that comes out, but that gets harder and harder regardless of what you have going on otherwise, but I am also not short on having other s**t going on. It will get done though and I hope people enjoy it.

You've got some friends over at DC for sure and judging from the hype videos, your new teammates seem really excited to have you as part of their squad. Of the entire team, who are you the most excited to travel and tour with and why?
That's a tough question, but I really appreciate what people have said so far. It means a lot to hear such awesome things from teammates, mangers, filmers, editors, and fans alike. So thanks! But touring ... I really do like everyone: Matt Miller is truly awesome. I've always been a fan of Nick Dompierre and obviously Josh Kalis. I don't know if Danny Way tours, but that would definitely elevate my skating. I don't know if Rob Dyrdek tours either, but it'd be a blast if he did.

If you could have any former member of the DC team from any of its eras, who would you want back on the squad so you could have them as a teammate and why?
Stevie Williams. I'm a huge fan. Actually the whole DC Euro Tour squad would be incredible as well.

How soon will DC have a pro model shoe ready for you?
Fall of 2011 my first shoe drops. I'm really excited about it; it skates great, and looks cool.

Is there any DC video project in the works at the moment?
Not that I know of but I am always down to do web edits or any video project that might come up.

With a little time before the start of contest season and this new shoe news out of the bag, what's next for you in 2011?
There are a lot of really cool things going on that will be talked about soon. I'd like to build a public skatepark, film as much as I can. Hopefully I can tour places I've never been and get to some places kids have been asking me to visit forever. I want to see them as much as they want to see me, I think. No more children [Cole has two children at home] ... I haven't slept in days.