Nick Trapasso Real Street interview

Much like The Dude of "The Big Lebowski" fame, Nick Trapasso is pretty good at taking it easy. He glides through life in a laid back haze that belies his monstrous ability to get busy on board. His lackadaisical approach combined with a total lack of fear for skating bigger obstacles makes for one enticing and envious cocktail on film. Though Trapasso may approach contests with a laissez-faire passivity, his part is sure to envied by many skaters who are trying really hard to look like they aren't trying. Trapasso really isn't trying; he's just got it like that.

How long did you film for this part?
I don't even know. A half a year all combined. Not really sure, probably a week or something like that.

What will you do with 50 large if you win?
Ooowee! Have a party, for sure. First thing's first.

Would you ever invest some of your winnings over at Cherry Park and make some marble ledges or something like that?
Yeah, put a quarterpipe or something over there.

What about trading the old Jag in for a new one?
That Jag's done. I already traded it for this VW SUV thing, like a T-Gun or something.

You don't even know what you new car is called?
It's spelled crazy, like Tiguan or something. It's a 2010.

Who do you think is going to take Real Street?
Hopefully it's somebody I know.

What did you like about the first two videos from Tommy and Corey?
They are tight!

Who's Cole Matthews and how did he end up editing your part?
He's a friend and he's fun to skate with. I've been skating and filming with him a bit. He's with Dwindle distribution but he's always down to skate with me and the crew.

Remember when you needed knee surgery and somehow it just magically went away. What's up with that?
They told me I needed to have it, then I went to a chiropractor and they stretched it out. The chiropractor said I'll have arthritis but that I didn't really need [surgery]. But I just skated on it and it feels good. I don't know what happened.

What's the longest time you've spent filming for a video part?
A year, probably.

Was it for the TransWorld video, "And Now?"

TransWorld ranked your Toy Machine, "Suffer the Joy" part as one of the greatest am video parts of all time. Did you win anything for that nomination?
I don't think so; I didn't even know they did that. That's essential!

Are you down for this style of video contest or doing a 45 second run?
This is way better. I don't mind other contests but this is way better, fo' sho.'

Have you ever won a contest?
I won a contest in my age bracket when I was young but [never] a real contest.

What filming formats are you a fan of?
I like VX 1000 probably the most. Pretty much everything except for HD. I'm down for the s---ier cameras.

Who would you like to see in this contest next year?
Pat Pasquale!