Sierra Fellers Real Street interview

Sierra Fellers is a phenom out of Whitefish, Mont., who lives in Long Beach, Calif. Fellers has been on a tear, annihilating spots and filming banger video parts for a few years. With his C1rca "Dialog" part out this March and no deadline for a new project looming, he really sunk his teeth into the Real Street contest for X Games 16. The resulting part is a standout for sure.

How long did you film for your part?
Some of the tricks were filmed about a year ago, but most of it was filmed when I heard about the contest a few months before the edit was turned in.

Do you like the video contest as much as the usual one minute run or jam format?
Personally, I can't really compare the two. They're so different and I like them all, but in different ways. The one-minute runs are cool because you can be completely on or just blow it. The jam sessions are fun because it's like skating with the homies, getting hyped by one of your friends doing something tight. And the video contest is the most like real street skating; it's just like filming a video part, just a lot shorter than a normal video part.

Who's Real Street part is killing it the hardest so far?
All I've seen is [Corey] Duffel's and Tommy [Sandoval's]. I'd say Duffel out of those two. I heard [Nick] Trapasso's part was amazing, too, but I haven't seen it yet.

How did filmer Mike Marasco end up editing your part?
Lee Dupont was going to edit it. But he was also editing Tony Tave's part. Lee lives closer to Tave and I live closer to Marasco and had a bunch of stuff filmed with him already. There wasn't much time left to film so Lee said that it'd be good if Marasco edited my part it and Lee would have a lot of input into the part. That's pretty much it, to my understanding.

Are you hyped on his final edit?
Yeah, for the most part. I wish I had more time to film for it. I'm more hyped on Marasco's editing than the stuff I filmed. I'm pretty critical with my skating; it can always be better.

How many tries did it take to do the line where you do the nollie front board then the crook nollie flip?
I don't know for sure. Off the top of my head, I'd say maybe 20 or 30 tries. I filmed the line twice, too, because the first crook nollie flip I did was the worst thing ever.

Are you hyped on the new additions to the C1rca team?
Yeah, I'm hyped on [David Gravette and Emmanuel Guzman] for sure. I just wish that C1rca would talk to the rest of the team before they put new people on. I was asked what I thought about the guys and then was told they were on within about five minutes. I back the new guys 100 percent, but it's so wack when people don't ask the whole team what they think about someone they're about to put on. This isn't the case, but what if you put someone new on a team and the rest of the team couldn't stand the new dude? And then that guy gets kicked off in a short time? Wouldn't it be wasting the company's and the new guy's time? That's just my opinion. But the new guys are awesome. I can't wait to go on a trip with them.

Is C1rca working on a video?
They say they are. But there's no deadline yet, and we're not going on trips to film for it. But we're always working on all kinds of things.

Who's going to be a surprise in the C1rca video when it drops?
I'm not sure. I want to see a full part from Scott Decenzo and David Reyes. Tave always films amazing parts, too.

You've been going to all the contests this year and doing pretty well. What would you do if you won the $50,000 for Real Street?
I'd be hyped! Probably pay $50,000 in taxes, ha ha! That's for sure. I'd probably pay some more of my new place off and take the homies out to a bomb sushi dinner. I'd bank most of it for sure.