Foundation Nick Merlino pro board ($59)

Nick Merlino's first pro deck from Foundation skateboards. Courtesy of Foundation skateboards

Foundation skateboards dropped their latest video, "WTF!" on October 28th. Nick Merlino earned the curtain-call last part and it was announced that he was turning pro. Merlino's first pro board for Foundation arrives in skate shops any day now. We gave it a review.

Being from New Jersey, Merlino has a lot of pride in his home state. One of the legends of that state is that of the wild beast known as The Jersey Devil. In the 1980s, another pro skater from New Jersey, Tom Groholski, was known as "The Jersey Devil" in skate circles. Merlino's first pro board pays graphic homage to Groholski and their shared New Jersey heritage with the Foundation art department's take on The Jersey Devil of legend.

Merlino's first pro board is built with Tum Yet distribution's "Fiber Prime" construction. "Fiber Prime" boards have a woven thermal poly-ply as the top veneer on a standard 7-ply deck. The result is a stronger board with the ability to take more abuse while losing nothing in terms of board feel, quality or shape. The boards are manufactured by Watson laminates, the Tum Yeto owned board manufacturer that have been building decks for over 20 years.

For Merlino, the board quality and durability get tested every time he rolls as evidenced by his latest video part [watch it, it's a doozy]. But Merlino is most excited to finally be riding a board with his name on the bottom.

"So psyched to be pro," says Merlino. "It's a dream come true. I couldn't ask for anything more in my life."

You can find Merlino's first pro-model board in most skate shops where Foundation and other Tum Yeto products are sold. If your local shop isn't carrying the brand, hit up reliable online retailers including Skatepark of Tampa and Kinetic Skateboarding.