Tony Hawk's global Twitter Hunt returns

Courtesy of Tony Hawk Instagram

When you're living a life like Tony Hawk's -- you know, lapping the planet with friends and family, performing cameo roles on the big screen, building skateparks in rough neighborhoods, spinning 900s at the age of 42 -- it's good to have a side project. Like putting together a scavenger hunt, but on a global scale, and with the aid of social networking.

"The idea for a global Twitter hunt was conceived when I decided to hide a skateboard on my way to skate my ramp one day, and see how long it would take for someone to find it; which took less than ten minutes. Since then, I have expanded it from a nationwide event into a global-scale 'treasure hunt,'" says Hawk.

This year's Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt takes place this Sunday, April 15. That's when Hawk's roughly 3 million Twitter followers -- the most of any action sports athlete -- will get the chance to hunt down mystery prize packages, including autographed completes, video games, smart phones, bicycles, golf gear, clothing, audio equipment, gift certificates, the list goes on.

"I make requests via Twitter for product/sponsors in the weeks leading up to it, and have found that many companies are keen to the idea and don't expect much in return; they realize the potential of being involved in such a grass-roots project and know that seeing their product in the mix has great resonance," adds the 900 innovator.

Last week, crews at Hawk's southern California warehouse shipped out prizes to 45 states around the U.S., as well as Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, the Netherlands, England and Ireland.

Clues to the packages' whereabout will be sent out via Twitter with a #THTH hashtag. For more info on the hunt, click here.

And, says Hawk, "If you hate your timeline being flooded with #THTH tweets . . . stop following me for the day."