A new downhill record

A new world record for fastest skateboard speed from a standing position made it into the history books in good form on June 18 as Canada's Mischo Erban pushed off atop a long, steep hill and let gravity take over.

Maxing out at 80.74 miles per hour, according Guinness World Records, the 28-year-old from British Columbia, who's been downhill racing competitively since 2004, set the record in Les √Čboulements, Quebec, on the road descending to the St. Lawrence River port of Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive. The road is noted for being dangerously steep, in points descending at an 18-percent grade.

"There isn't a single hill out there that has me scared," Erban told ESPN.com. "I felt super confident [during the record run] and wished that I could have just tilted the hill a bit more to go faster. I want to reach the point where I am really scared to go faster. So far that hasn't happened."

Erban beat the previous record, set in 2007 by Brazil's Douglas da Silva, by 10.5 miles per hour.

Northern California's Cliff Coleman, who grew up bombing the Berkeley Hills and has been part of the competitive scene for decades, said, "People have been towed by powered vehicles at over 95 miles per hour, unofficially. One hundred miles per hour is the elusive goal of these racers. [But Erban's] record run is near the limit for gravity as a power to propel a skateboard down a hill. So, without some sort of tow-in, I don't think 100 miles per hour is a possibility."

Erban remains optimistic.

"I want to hit 100 miles per hour [and] I want to break every one of the milestones along the way to finally reaching 160 miles per hour," he said. "I really don't believe the hill exists for these speeds. If it does, please tell me. I will be there on the next available flight."

The 2011 International Gravity Sports Association world champ added that finding the right hill "really has come down to building the right hill. I hope to have someone build a road capable of 160 miles per hour within the next five years."

In September 2010 on a two-lane country road in northern Colorado, Erban was clocked at 80.83 miles per hour, which remains the highest recorded hill-bomb speed on a skateboard, unofficially.