Dompierre recovering from coma

Professional skateboarder Nick Dompierre was resting comfortably Friday at Brigham and Women's Hospital in New Bedford, Mass. after falling into a coma a week ago, from which he has since emerged, sources said. Sources also told ESPN.com that Dompierre had fallen into the coma because of a drug overdose.

Reached for comment at the hospital on Friday, his mother, Bernadette Dompierre, would not confirm the overdose, saying he suffered a skateboarding injury. She said her son's status is improving and they hoped to hear more from physicians soon.

"He was sore. And headaches. And so I brought him in... and then test after test after test. So I don't know if it had something to do with a skateboard fall. You know what I mean?" Bernadette Dompierre said.

Spokespersons for both Monster Energy and Solstice -- both of whom sponsor the 26-year-old East Coast skater -- declined to comment citing privacy concerns and corporate policy. Neither Monster Energy nor Solstice were willing to confirm any details regarding Dompierre's hospital admittance.

"Nicolas is improving. He's resting right now," Bernadette Dompierre said. "He's at the right place, where he's supposed to be right now. The doctors are fantastic here. I can say he is improving from the state that he was in. We just need the prayers for him to recover. We're in the best place, with the best doctors. He is awake. He's eating. Nicolas is feeling better and he is at the best place possible. He is awake and he is talking. He'll be back. I know he will. He's so talented, it's unbelievable."

Dompierre, a New Bedford resident, rose to prominence with video parts in "Roll Forever" in 2006 and "The Solstice Video" in 2007. Dompierre is also an avid drag racer. He parted ways with DC shoes in 2011 and was a competitor in 2011's Street League.