Keith Haring x Alien Workshop

Keith Haring x Alien Workshop. Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop, a skateboard company founded in 1990, has built an enviable tradition of making innovative and unique videos which stand the test of time, having one of the most elite teams in skateboarding history and creating their own distinct visual language for their overall branding and deck graphics.

In the past few years Workshop presented a landmark collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, adding a caveat to their impressive legacy. This week Alien Workshop has released an incredible product capsule with the Keith Haring Foundation. Alien Workshop professional skateboarder and art lover Jason Dill said proudly, "The way we acclimate art into our program, I think it's great, it stands with the aesthetic of what we do."

Keith Haring's work is easily one of the most recognizable visual styles to come out of the New York art scene. An activist and prolific artist, Haring's bold lines, bright colors and messages of life affirming unity, brought joy and thoughtfulness to the numerous public works he created throughout the '80's. The most famous of which is the "Crack Is Wack" mural on a handball court in FDR Park.

Haring's anthems of love, unity and social consciousness were not only presented on walls but also in his attempt to bring his work to the people, through product and collaborations. Dill explains, "Keith Haring, people talk about pop up shops, he invented that. So many types of things that he did people run around in circles trying to imitate."

Haring's objective was to break down the barriers between high and low art, hence this collaboration with the Ohio based skateboard company is a natural furtherance of an ideal Haring worked to establish during his life.

Diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, Haring established the Keith Haring Foundation a year later to provide funding for AIDS organizations and to ensure that his life's work as an artist and an advocate for social change would persist, even after his passing.

The Alien Workshop and Keith Haring Foundation capsule features decks, wheels, t-shirts, hats and fleece. Executed in pop colors and featuring Haring's distinct style and themes, the art fits the product seamlessly. The most iconic graphic within the group is Haring's "Radiant Baby," which the artist used to tag pieces in the New York subways and came to symbolize hope.

The boards, much like Keith Haring's work, belong in the streets, but fit just as aptly hung on a gallery wall. Sure to sell out and be coveted by both skaters and art collectors, head to http://www.alienworkshop.com/ to see the whole collection and be the first to get them.