Nike x Levi's x Omar Salazar

I'm not sure when exactly the skinny jean takeover began, but it didn't take long for skate apparel companies to turn the trend into a mainstay. Problem is, skate jeans have to be a lot of things. Tough and comfortable top the list. Denim needs to survive the standards of today's go-for-broke skateboarders. And some would go so far to say that skate jeans need to be stylishly designed. With those three bullet points in mind -- tough, comfortable, stylish -- it's a bit surprising that Levi Strauss & Co. didn't hitch its iconic denim to the skate jean bandwagon long ago. Better late than never. But wait, there's more to this post than just free advertising for a pair of well-made skate jeans.

What it is:
The Nike SB x Levi's 511 Skateboarding Collection combines the best of both brands. First up, the 511s and matching Trucker Skateboarding Jacket come from the same denim DNA that's kept Levi's on top of its game for 139 years. Secondly, they sport the Nike name, which has put down some pretty deep roots in the relatively short amount of time it's been associated with skateboarding. The collection also features shoes, of course. Take your pick: the Nike Low Dunk Pro SB, or the Omar Salazar LR.

Says Salazar: "People who know me know that I'm passionate about skateboarding and what I ride for. With this collaboration, finally two of my favorite brands are combined. And who better to represent this iconic collaboration than me? I love it. It's what I have always chosen -- quality -- and in return it has chosen me. It's been a long time in the making and the results look grand!"

Why it rules:
If that Salazar endorsement isn't enough, check out the specs. The fit and five-pocket construction of the 511 Skateboarding Jean is the same as Levi's normal 511, but the material is a blend of extra-tough Cone Mills denim and Nike's Dri-Fit moisture management technology, according to Josh Katz, Levi's global engagement marketing guy. "This jean is better than anything else that's ever been built specifically for skateboarding."

Don't believe him? Try them out yourself. The concrete is calling.

Where to find 'em:
For a list of skate shops that carry the collection, click here.