BLVD's Billy Davenport

BLVD's Billy Davenport setting up a Christmas complete at Furnace Skateshop. Karpinski

Billy Davenport

Most skaters have full-time jobs and Billy is proof that jobs shouldn't slow you down. GalleryPhoto Gallery

If you're in need of some refreshments please continue reading. The following interview is with Billy Davenport from Los Alamitos, Calif. who is doing the skateboard thing right. With an awesome part in Don Luong's "Ta Ha" video and some great footage in the new BLVD promo, "Amburger," it's obvious that Davenport can skate anything in his path and do it with style. Not only is he working hard on his board, but he is waking up bright and early, five days a week, to work a full time job while he is at it. I give nothing but credit to hard-working skaters who genuinely seem to appreciate what they have, and Billy Davenport is one of them.

ESPN.com: You're from a long line of Billy Davenports -- how many are there?
Davenport: There are seven of us.

So you are Billy Davenport the 7th?
Yes I am.

Does that put a lot of pressure on you to not only have kids but to produce a boy and then name him Billy?
Oh hell yeah. Every time it gets brought up I feel the pressure.

Is it your dad sitting you down and saying, "Son, you know you need to have a boy..."
No no, it's not like that. Whenever we have family over new people find out about the whole name thing and they always give me grief about it.

Does it help with the ladies? Do they all want to create a Billy Davenport the 8th?
Actually yeah, the last couple girls I've dated and the girl I'm dating now are into it -- so yeah, I guess it does help out (laughs).

You had an awesome part in Amburger. Was that a project you all worked on or just a collection of footage thrown into a delicious montage?
It was more of a collection of footage for the most part. It wasn't something we really worked on for a long time. Most of my footage was from the past month before I sent it in. I think everyone just went out and did what they do and sent it in by the deadline. Kind of whatever anyone has they have.

How many parts have you had lately?
I had a part in my friend Don Luong's video "Ta ha", the Amburger video, and a part in the Heel Bruise promo about six or seven months ago.

Speaking of Amburger, I heard you did quite a stint working at In-N-Out Burger.
Yeah, I worked there for like six years.

Did you enjoy wearing the outfit?
Wearing the outfit sucked. That's not a good look for me at all. But the best part of working there was learning more people skills. Just about how to talk to certain people. That was really valuable.

It seems like the people that work at In-N-Out are always so chipper.
I don't know. Everyone is kind of in a good mood and you just feed off of it. And everyone that works there was cool so it was pretty much just like hanging out.

What are your feelings on the secret menu and do you have a favorite item there?
I didn't know you could put chopped chilies on burgers until I started working there.

Did you say chopped chilies?!
What? Did you not know about that?

Did you ever see anyone famous while working there?
Actually yeah. I took Tony Hawk's order once. A car rolled up and the back window came down and there he was, Tony Hawk right in my face. And that was pretty sick. Ryan Sheckler has come in before, that one model who made the mole famous... Cindy Crawford. But Tony Hawk was the main one.

No basketball stars or anything?
Yeah, Kobe Bryant has come in so many times. Actually, he came in one day that I was supposed to work but I called in sick so I could go skating. So, I was kind of bummed on that.

Where are you working now?
I got a full time job working at a panel shop where my dad works. It's like a bunch of different sized electrical panels and we help wire and build them to help power other businesses and machines and stuff like that.

What's the hardest part about it?
Waking up at 4:30 in the morning everyday is definitely the worst part. It's an eight and a half hour day.

So you go filming when you're done work?
Almost every day until it gets dark.

That's insane! What time do you go to bed?
I try to go to bed at about 10 but sometimes its around 11 or 11:30'ish depending on if I hang out with my girlfriend. So I will usually get a solid four, maybe five hours of sleep if I'm lucky.

Who are you skating for right now?
BLVD skateboards, Furnace Skate shop, Heel Bruise, Bones Wheels and Dekline shoes.

What will we see in the future?
I'm working on a Bones Wheels video edit and then my friend Darien Brown is working on a video right now, so I'm working on both of those.