Albuquerque: Ditch Mecca

Daniel Lutheran was home in Albuquerque the week we came through. Stoked to have some friends in town Lutheran took us to this local ditch spot where he proceeded to frontside flip over the rail and into the bank. Karpinski

Anyone who's had the opportunity to stay at the Lutheran's house in Albuquerque, N.M. knows that it's well worth the trip to New Mexico from wherever it is you hail from. Our group of friends made the trek from Long Beach, Calif. and lucked out as the annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was happening on the week we were there. Our crew of two carloads included Andrew Lutheran, Billy Davenport, Blake Carpenter, Joey Ragali, Ryan Spencer, Jeremy Leabres and Don Luong. Daniel Lutheran happened to be in town as well trying to hibernate from back-to-back Toy Machine and Vans trips, but still managed to come out and skate with the bros.

It's become common knowledge that the Lutheran parents go above and beyond when it comes to hospitality and this trip was no exception. We got to closeout every night with a barbecue, bondfire and even got to try out Sharon Lutheran's famous green chili stew with the chilies picked right from their garden.

The trip wasn't all feasts and sing-a-longs though, with a crew this big there's always a spot in mind. On top of that we found out that the University of New Mexico didn't offer fall semesters, so the campus was pretty much a ghost town. I'm pretty sure we went at least once a day, sometimes returning the same night to light up more spots and skate.