Dylan signed deck breaks records

Jamie Thomas' board (top) with Bob Dylan's signature and 'Blowin' In The Wind' lyrics sold for $38,425 while Bucky Lasek's Adam "MCA" Yauch penned board sold for $35,000 during the Boards+Bands eBay hosted auction. Jody Morris/Tony Hawk Foundation 2012

A ridden and signed Jamie Thomas skateboard deck showcasing Bob Dylan's autograph and handwritten "Blowin' In The Wind" lyrics sold Thursday for $38,425, the highest price ever paid for a single deck, according to skate historians and collectors.

The deck was among a handful of similar collectibles up for online auction through Boards+Bands, a benefit created by Grammy Award winning musician Ben Harper to help the Tony Hawk Foundation build free, public skateparks in low-income neighborhoods. All proceeds from the eBay-hosted auction, which ran from December 3-13, go to the foundation.

Along with the Dylan/Thomas windfall, seven other pro skaters collaborated with music celebrities to raise more than $126,000 for the foundation.

A Bucky Lasek four-deck set autographed by the late Adam "MCA" Yauch, with lyrics from the Beastie Boys' "Bodhisattva Vow" sold for $35,000.

Tony Hawk's signed deck featuring Paul McCartney's "Blackbird" fetched $27,116.

Steve Caballero's collaboration with Metallica's James Hetfield raised $8,600.

The Mike Vallely/Tom Petty deck went for $7,200.

Ben Harper's collaborations with Rodney Mullen and Bob Burnquist fetched roughly $4,000 apiece.

Rounding out the auction items with a winning bid of $1,675 was a Lance Mountain board featuring reggae great Jimmy Cliff.

"As a musician, skater, and board member of the Tony Hawk Foundation, I am proud to say that the pairing of professional musicians' lyrics on pro skaters' hard-ridden boards has been a resounding success," Harper said in a statement. "A huge thank you to all the pro skaters and musicians involved in the first of many Boards+Bands collaborations!"

Earlier this week, with four days remaining the auction, bidding slowed to a near standstill, with the Hawk/McCartney board leading the pack but stalled at $18,100. Then on the auction's final day, intense bidding wars erupted, with prices doubling or even tripling as the auction neared its final hours.

An anonymous bidder, known online only as o***n, won five of the eight decks, with a total price tag of nearly $50,000. None of the winners' identities have been revealed.

"We don't have details on the winners yet," Lisa Marie Gina, with Hawk's publicity team at Sarah Hall Production, told ESPN.com. "In the interest of the privacy of the bidders, we will not be releasing information about them."

Via Instagram last week, with the running bid at $10,200, Hawk posted that he had been outbid on his own deck, adding, "This may have just become the world's most expensive deck."

Hawk's board held the lead until the final 24 hours, when it was surpassed by Thomas and Lasek decks.

All the decks will be on display through December 16 at the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles.