The Leo Romero interview

Leo Romero uses his massive pop power to 50-50 this high bar in New Mexico. Sean Peterson

Leo Romero set the skate world on fire in 2010 dropping three full video parts in under 12 months [Emerica's "Stay Gold," Toy Machine's "Brain Wash" and his X Games Real Street video contest part]. Romero sparked the insane craze of trying to grind up handrails, a trend only Romero and a few other elite pros are even able to contend with. Romero capped the year off accepting Thrasher magazine's Skater of the Year award and he's kept things moving ever since. We caught up with Romero to talk about how things are as the reigning Skater of the Year and what he's got going in 2011.

How has life changed since becoming Thrasher magazine's Skater of the Year?
I make so much money now it's insane. I made way more money than Paul Rodriguez! Ha!

Did you get any mega-offers? Energy drink sponsors, Walmart, I-Hop, Cracker Barrel, stuff like that?

Who would you like to get approached by for sponsorship?
There so much cool stuff our there. Maybe Ray-Ban sunglasses. That'd be cool.

As the reigning Skater of the Year, what's your guess for Thrasher magazine Skater of the Year for 2011?
That's easy, Brandon Westgate.

Did you see Westgate's X Games Real Street part?
Not yet. I want to. I'm gonna watch it tonight.

Are you going to be in any of the Maloof Money Cup contests or other contests this year?
I don't think so. I already won Skater of the Year. Why would I skate a contest?

What are you looking forward to the most on the next Emerica Wild Ride [The semi-annual motorcycle and skate trip team riders go on]?
Just the Wild Ride itself really, since it has been a while. Pretty much just going out with the bros on motorcycles and having a good time. Some new bros' might be going too, which is cool. And I'm looking forward to Collin Provost getting a bike.

Collin's getting a bike?
Yeah, he's getting one with his Maloof New York contest winnings.

Who's a person that should never go on the Wild Ride?
Erik Hamamoto, and he won't go anymore.

Is Erik the sketchiest dude with a bike?
Erik is, yeah. But I've done some stupid stuff, too.

I know you've said you sort of like the smell of cow dung. Why does that smell appeal to you?
I don't know. It reminds me of driving across country. I don't love it, though.

I noticed that you've looked in every music store across the US for a tenor guitar. Should we ask a kid to find one for you and we'll send him some Toy Machine gear for his efforts?
Dude, I'd be so down if a kid found me one. We should do that!

What would you be willing to pay or trade for a nice one?
I'd probably pay $500, $600 at the most. If I could trade product for it I would give them the biggest box of RVCA, Emerica and Toy Machine stuff.

You've recorded a few songs this year right?
Yeah just in my house with some friends.

No tenor guitar tracks, though.

Do you have any plans of putting anything out?
Just having fun right now. No plans. Maybe that would be cool to do in the future.

If you could assemble a band with the Toy Machine guys who would be on drums?
Johnny Layton is a pretty [angry] dude; he would be good on the drums. He would be loud as hell. Maybe Jordan Taylor, too because he's sort of buff and he could keep up for sure.

Who would be on bass?
I could see you on bass. I could see you loving some bass, Mike.

You know what, Billy [Marks] is always on this keyboard App on his IPad ... I 'm putting Billy on keys.

Any horns in this arrangement?
Yeah, let's put Collin and Austin [Stephens] as the horns.

Have you ever had a guitar battle with Josh Harmony?
Nah, we have jammed though. He would smoke me. He's the best. He's a great guitar player. He's got gold fingers.

What are your plans for the rest of 2011?
Keep on skating. Hopefully stay on the road with the Toy Machine crew.