Torah Bright out of WX14

Torah Bright is out of Winter X, but we're wishing her a speedy recovery in time for Vancouver. Dave Lehl/ESPN Action Sports

According to Winter X Games Sports and Competition, Torah Bright has pulled out of SuperPipe: "Defending SuperPipe gold medalist Torah Bright crashed during SuperPipe practice at 11:15 a.m. She suffered a concussion, her second in three days. She is out of Winter X Games 14. She is going to Aspen Valley Hospital for further evaluation."

Bright was considered a medal favorite and came to Aspen with a fair bit of buzz, as rumors swirled that she might attempt the first-ever double cork in a women's superpipe competition. With Saturday's SuperPipe comp the last event to feature an Olympic-sized (22-foot) halfpipe before Vancouver, it's unlikely Bright will have a chance to uncork the double in competition until the Olympics.