Jake Burton diagnosed with cancer

Jake Burton (right), seen here with wife Donna Carpenter at Burton Snowboards Fashion's Night Out Event in New York in Sept., announced that he was diagnosed with testicular cancer on Friday. Jesse Lirola/Getty Images

Jake Burton, founder and owner of Burton Snowboards, announced via company memo Friday night that he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

"The bad news is that I have cancer. The good news is that it is as curable as it gets. What I have is called Seminoma, also known as Testicular Cancer (think Lance Armstrong). I have three months of chemo ahead with the possibility of surgery along the way," said Burton in a worldwide memo to his employees titled 'Good News and Band News,' which was forwarded on to TransWorld Business.

Burton, 57, elaborated that an earlier prognosis given last week was not as promising, but seemed unfazed by the news. "What struck me and everyone around me as unusual during this time was the fact that I didn't get that upset about my situation. I have come to the conclusion that this for sure is simply a reflection of the people I'm surrounded and supported by," said Burton.

Burton went on to thank his family, friends and his fellow employees at Burton, and speculated on his future work schedule.

Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men between the ages of 15 and 35. Seminoma, typically found in males in their 30s and 40s, can occur in older men. According to the National Institue of Health, the survival rate for early-stage seminoma is greater than 95%.

Reaction from the snowboard community was immediate, with thousand of Burton supporters sending well wishes via Twitter to Burton. Burton team rider Gabi Viteri also sent praise to Burton via Twitter. "Jake you're beyond a legend and inspiring, All love your way."

Burton responded in kind last night via Twitter, thanks everyone for the good wishes and support.