ICEdot crash sensor saves lives

ICEdot, created in 2009 and utilized as a modern medical ID for first responders in the case of a vehicular crash, has created a new crash sensor for action sports enthusiasts.

ICEdot stands for "InCase of Emergencies," and for participants of snowboarding, BMX, trail riding or skateboarding falling and injuries are an accepted given. If you're out riding with friends or at a public place and an accident happens, someone is usually around to help you up or call for help. However, if you're in the backcountry, in a abandoned pool or riding trails by yourself and take a bad fall, you could be left unconscious, loosing critical time.

The ICEdot crash sensor, which is about the size of a quarter, is affixed to the wearer's helmet. Working in tandem with a smart phone, the ICEdot is able to detect movement -- noting changes in force and impact. In the event of a collision, the device sends information to an app on your phone, which sounds an alarm and starts a thirty-second countdown. If the wearer is unable to stop the countdown due to injuries, upon reaching zero the app will notify emergency contacts and transmit the wearer's last known location via GPS coordinates and also the details of the impact.

In the backwoods or other "off the beaten path" spots, phone service can be as sketchy as the location itself and the ICEdot only works if the user's phone has service. Its also imperative for the users smart phone to be charged for the ICEdot to send its transmission.

Developed by Sense Tech, and estimated to cost around two hundred dollars, the ICEdot crash sensor is expected to debut at the Interbike trade show as this is published.