New York Surf Film Festival begins


The third annual New York Surf Film Festival hits Tribeca Cinemas on Sept. 24-26 with a lineup of world premieres, classics and independent surf films to be screened over three days. 19 panelists will screen the films and select winners in their respective categories. Judges include writers, filmmakers, photographers and legends in the surf community. Judges include surf writer Lewis Samuels, shaper Tom Parrish, and co-writer of 'Big Wednesday' Denny Aaberg.

"We at the NYSFF are constantly blown away by the support from the local community and the surf community abroad," NYSFF co-founder Tyler Breuer said. "It's very humbling and we are just stoked to be able to bring all these films and filmmakers and industry to New York for our local community. Our goal is to make sure everyone has a great time and share in the passion for surfing and surf culture."

Legendary surf filmmaker Taylor Steele will premiere his first film 'Momentum' for the first time in a theater. Originally released on video in 1991 but never formally premiered, the film has gained a cult following and will finally been seen in on the big screen at the NYSFF.

"Momentum is the movie that changed my life. I was going to school with no real direction and made Momentum as a hobby," Steele said. "Just shooting my friends. It was successful and I was able to drop everything and follow my dreams of making surf movies. It has never have been shown on a movie screen before as it went straight to VHS. So it will be great to listen to punk rock music and watch my friends ripping as kids and laugh at early film making mistakes."

Check out the full lineup and event info at NYSFF.com.