Steph Gilmore assaulted

Steph Gilmore, seen here after winning the Vans Triple Crown, was hit twice in the head on Monday night and was briefly hospitalized. ASP

On Monday Dec. 27, four-time women's world champ Stephanie Gilmore was assaulted in Australia in what's being considered a random act of violence. Gilmore had reportedly just returned to her Tweed Heads home and was just outside her front door when a man assaulted her with a pipe. She was struck twice in the head, and among other injuries suffered a broken wrist that will keep her out of the water for six weeks.

"There was an incident in which I was attacked at my property," said Gilmore in an official statement on the ASP's website. "It was a completely random act in which I was a victim in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is now a matter for the court. I have sought medical attention and am on my road to recovery in high spirits. I look forward to getting back in the water in six weeks. In the mean time, I'm staying mentally and physically fit every way I can. I have fantastic support from my family and friends and look forward to resting up for a fresh start in the New Year."

The man that assaulted Gilmore initially fled the scene, but was seen around her apartment later that night. Police were called and he was arrested. According to GoldCoast.com.au, his request for bail was denied and he now faces numerous charges, including wound with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.