Missing Long Beach surfer's body found

Daniel Bobis's body was found off the coast of an Indonesian island. Joe Volpi

The worst-case scenario became a tragic reality early this morning in the search for missing Long Beach, New York, surfer Daniel Bobis. Missing since a morning surf session in southern Sumatra this past Sunday, Bobis' body was discovered earlier today by a local fisherman in the area and has since been positively identified by family and his wife Rachel. In a statement on Facebook, Bobis' good friend and fellow Long Island surfer Sean Persall confirmed the news, "Daniel Bobis has passed away. No further details have been provided, nor are necessary at this time. We are all deeply saddened by the loss of this amazing husband, teacher, surfer and friend to so many."

The small coastal community of Long Beach on New York's Long Island has been reeling since word first spread of Bobis' disappearance earlier this week -- holding candle light vigils and working tirelessly to raise money for Bobis' family and to help fund the search efforts underway on the other side of the world.

On a summer surf trip to the coastal haunts of southeast Asia with his wife and their friend Brian Lonergan, the 32-year-old Bobis, a math teacher at Long Beach High School, coach of the school's surf team and veteran waverider in his own right, snapped his leash in solid overhead to double overhead surf Sunday morning. He was surfing in the West Lampung province and was not seen again. Would-be rescue efforts by helicopter, dive teams, Globe Aid, and dozens of travelling surfers staying on near by islands proved fruitless until the local fisherman's fateful discovery Thursday afternoon Indonesian time.

A Memorial Paddle Out has been scheduled for this Sunday, 6pm at Laurelton in Long Beach, NY.