Jetty Sherpa Zip-Up $57

For the backside of fall, Jetty's Sherpa Zip-up is warm and comfy. Jettylife

October is where it's at. It doesn't matter where you live. The water is warmer than spring. The summer beach crowds are tailgating at some sporting event with wing sauce dripping from their collective chins. Fish start running. And there's a holiday that celebrates skulls and zombies.

In Southern California, it means north and south swell combos. In New England it means a Timothy Leary-esque explosion of foliage color. In Tahoe, it means the first snowfall. And on the Outer Banks, this is nor'easter season. Who doesn't love fall?

But it also brings in some cooler weather -- crisp evenings and chilly dawn surf checks, both reminders that winter is right around the corner. It's a good time to score some warm gear. And that's where the Jetty Sherpa Zip comes in.

WHAT IT IS: The Sherpa is a heavy weight premium zip-up hoodie with super comfy Sherpa fleece lining and a number five-nickel kissing zipper. Pull the hood up when it's howling offshore. It's cozy on the inside and durable on the outside, just like you, tough guy.

Save your purples and bright greens for summer. The Sherpa comes in traditional colors for fall with a subtle embroidered Jetty logo. You could throw it on after that Thanksgiving morning session and probably get away with wearing it to dinner as well.

"The Sherpa Zip is the be all, end all of hooded zip-up sweatshirts. Those cold fall or winter winds can't penetrate this sick puppy. Plus, you'll be styling while checking the surf or hanging with your friends," says Randy Townsend, longtime Jetty team rider.

WHY IT RULES: Every piece of Jetty gear is hand-printed at Jetty headquarters on the East Coast with water-based inks. And if there's one place that fall is really special and fleeting, it's the East Coast. The tags are hand-sewn. All the gear is designed, printed and shipped by local surfers and skaters.The big action sport conglomerates will always have their place in the industry, but as surfers, we're all drawn to the underground.

The Jetty boys have been at it since 2003, building up a little team (more like a family) and are just as involved in community outreach as they are with their grassroots contests and events.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Jetty gear can be found at shops up and down the East Coast, like the classic Bunger Surf on Long Island. Or browse the whole catalogue online at jettylife.com. And then get outside and make the most of October.