Training surfers

Inside and outside of the new surf training facility in Orange County, Calif. Courtesy photos

After eight months of preparation, Extreme Athletics opened its doors last Monday to athletes in Orange County, Calif., that want to improve their game. What separates this training facility from the rest, however, is its concentration on one sport in particular -- surfing.

Paul Norris and Jon Brown, cofounders of Extreme Athletics, are two surfers-turned-personal-trainers who thought they could offer a better product than the rest, and hence their brainchild -- Extreme Athletics -- was born.

"The surfing industry is finally starting to realize that in order to take their surfing to the next level an athlete needs to do some training. No one is really doing this right now and that's why we think this is going to be a great success," Norris told ESPN.

With 2,500 square feet and another 5,000 square feet outside, the Extreme Athletics facility is an athlete's playground of bosu balls, dumbbells, and bungees. "You don't need fancy equipment or a huge workout floor to become a better athlete," Norris said in a release. "You just need coaches that recognize what surfing is and know how a surfer functions."

Norris and Brown train surfers as young as eight who "want to be the next Kelly Slater" to adults who just want to keep up. They offer a local pro training group, a groms group for those ages 13-18, as well as one-on-one training sessions. "You're not going to get much stronger just by surfing," Norris said. "Your skill will only take you so far."

Already training about 20 athletes to date, the facility has attracted such high profile surfers as Brett Simpson, Courtney Conlogue, and Brad Ettinger.

In the future, the duo hopes to expand their brand across the U.S., creating gyms in all the main surf destinations like Carlsbad, San Diego, Hawaii and New York.