Slater raising funds for Bali cleanup

Kelly Slater's surfboard is currently for sale on eBay. Quiksilver

After a recent surf trip to Bali, Kelly Slater is helping environmental beach clean-up efforts on the island. The 11-time World Champion has donated a brand new surfboard for auction, and has offered to match the funds for what the board sells for.

Quiksilver Indonesia is accepting bids for the autographed surfboard, which is currently for sale on eBay (current bid as of publishing: $1,575).

"However I can get engaged to help out to at least educate and spread the word to help motivate the people who know how to do the right thing to start creating some change here, I'm happy to do that," said Slater in a press release. "Giving a board is something simple but giving some time is something I'd feel really good about. The board is a start and if it's going to raise some funds, I'll match the funds with whatever the board raises. I'll match that myself."

The funds raised will be donated to Bale's ROLE Foundation, an environmental non-profit.

"I think this issue is much bigger than just the surf community," said Slater. "Obviously there's some infrastructure that needs to be put in place in Bali and this part of the world to do something with the waste rather than put it in the ocean."

According to ROLE, some 5,000 tons of solid waste are dumped illegally each day in Bali.

"These funds will be extremely useful to us in implementing our projects," said ROLE's Michael O'Leary. "We are so grateful for the champ's support and the awareness it brings, as Bali is in dire straights and it needs action now."