Brazilian flip-out

Rocky Point Backflip (0:31)

16-year-old Brazilian surfer Yago Dora lands a backflip at Rocky Point on the North Shore. (0:31)

Aerial maneuvers are progressing at an impressive speed. Earlier this season Gabriel Medina put his stamp the North Shore season with his backflip, but this time another kid from Brazil's new generation has made his mark.

Sixteen-year-old Yago Dora has been working on his version of the backflip for at least a year and his father and trainer, Leandro Dora, notes that Medina's always been an inspiration to young Yago. Earlier this week Yago landed a double-grab backflip at Rocky Point. His main goal for the winter, according to his father, was to get some experience in quality waves.

Dora senior's training regiment has included lots of surfing, video analysis, and a variety of complementary physical exercises. Besides his son, he's also been working with a handful of other young Brazilians. "I have not been surfing much, the boys are constantly progressing and I feel it's very important to be filming guiding and motivating them to always do your best," says Leandro. Whatever he's doing, it appears to be working.