X Games Real Series expands

X Games announces the expansion of the Real Series (1:29)

Real Surf, Real Ski Backcountry and Real Women joins the X Games lineup for 2013. (1:29)

X Games on Monday announced the addition of three new disciplines to its Real Series, the all-video medal events featured in tandem with each of the on-site action-sports competitions.

Along with the global expansion of the X Games, for which three new international events -- in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil; Munich; and Barcelona -- will be staged in 2013, Real Ski Backcountry, Real Surf and Real Women will join the current lineup of Real Street, Real Snow and Real Snow Backcountry as medal events at X Games in 2013.

The Real Series first debuted in summer 2010 at X Games Los Angeles as Real Street. Because so many of skateboarding's stars eschew contests in favor of filming skateboard movie parts, the idea for an all-video contest was created in order to bring the two worlds together for the first time. Skateboarders submitted 60-second video parts featuring skateboarding done exclusively in city streets for a chance to win $50,000 and X Games gold, as well as an additional $10,000 in a "Fan Favorite" online bracket vote.

"It's awesome to be able to support athlete-generated content through the expansion of the Real Series," said Tim Reed, senior director of content strategy for the X Games. "The videos produced over the last three years have been top-notch and we are thrilled to grow the program and provide a global platform on ESPN networks and xgames.com for more women and men in surf, ski and skate."

Based on Real Street's success, Real Snow was added to the X Games Aspen event lineup in 2011 as a way to bring urban snowboarders into the winter-contest fold. href="https://www.espn.com/action/xgames/realsnow/2012/tignes" target="new">Real Snow Backcountry, an all-backcountry snowboarding footage contest soon followed, making its debut at X Games Tignes last March.

The underlying principle of each winter-themed contest is the same: All footage is shot outside the confines of parks
and resorts. Athletes with reputations for developing creative uses for unusual terrain features traditionally make up the invitee list. X Games gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded by a panel of athlete and industry experts during the X Games event telecasts, and fans are given the opportunity to cast ballots for their favorite video parts in a bracketed online voting contest in the month leading up to each X Games event.

For the coming year, Real Snow will continue to be a part of the X Games Aspen event. Videos will go live with the online Fan Favorite voting bracket on XGames.com on Jan. 8. Winners will be announced during live broadcast of the X Games on Jan. 27.

Joining the three existing Real Series events, Real Ski Backcountry will make its debut in conjunction with X Games Tignes on March 5. Real Surf makes its first splash on April 2 as part of X Games Foz do Iguaçu. Real Women, an all-female ski, snowboard, surf and skate multi-sport contest, will join the X Games Barcelona event lineup, with fan voting starting April 30. Real Street moves to the new X Games Munich event, with video parts dropping June 4, while Real Snow Backcountry will now roll out video parts on July 16 in conjunction with X Games Los Angeles.

"Having the opportunity to showcase women's snowboarding, skating, surfing, and skiing through video segments at X Games is
huge," says Kimmy Fasani, one of two women representing snowboarding in Real Women. "I can't wait to see what each of these incredible ladies brings to the table. It's definitely an honor to be part of."

While not all of the athlete rosters have been set for the Real Series events, confirmed athletes (list subject to change) are
as follows:

Real Snow ~ Voting begins: Jan. 8 ~
Winners announced: X Games Aspen 2013, Jan. 24-27

1. Dan Brisse, USA
2. Pat Moore, USA
3. Ethan Deiss, USA
4. Jeremy Jones, USA
5. Louis-Felix Paradis, Canada
6. Eero Ettala, Finland
7. Bode Merrill, USA
8. Frank April, Canada

Real Ski Backcountry ~ Voting begins
March 5: ~ Winners announced: X Games Tignes 2013, March 20-22

1. Sean Pettit, Canada
2. Dane Tudor, Canada
3. Sammy Carlson, USA
4. Parker White, USA
5. Pep Fujas, USA
6. Tanner Hall, USA
7. Wiley Miller, USA
8. Chris Benchetler, USA

Real Surf ~ Voting begins: April 2 ~
Winners announced: X Games Foz do Iguaçu 2013, April 18-21

1. Chippa Wilson, Australia
2. Jordy Smith, South Africa
3. Gabriel Medina, Brazil
4. Dion Agius, Australia
5. Matt Meola, USA
6. Julian Wilson, Australia
7. Josh Kerr, Australia
8. Kelly Slater, USA

Real Women ~ Voting begins: April 30 ~
Winners announced: X Games Barcelona 2013, May 16-19

1. Snowboard: Jess Kimura, USA
2. Snowboard: Hana Beaman, USA
3. Ski: Ingrid Backstrom, USA
4. Ski: Michelle Parker, USA
5. Skate: Mimi Knoop, USA
6. Skate: Leticia Bufoni, Brazil
7. Surf: Coco Ho, USA
8. Surf: Maya Gabeira, Brazil

Real Street ~ Voting begins: June 4 ~
Winners announced: X Games Munich 2013, June 27-30

1. Austyn Gillette, USA
2. Mike "Lizard King" Plumb, USA
3. Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, USA
4. Gilbert Crockett, USA
5. PJ Ladd, USA
6. Emmanuel Guzman, USA
7. Windsor James, USA
8. Albert Nyberg, Sweden
9. Danny Montoya, USA
10. Mark Suciu, USA
11. Josh Harmony, USA
12. Guy Mariano, USA
13. David Gravette, USA
14. Cody McEntire, USA
15. Albert Nyberg, Sweden
16. Shuriken Shannon, USA

Real Snow Backcountry ~ Voting begins:
July 16 ~ Winners announced: X Games LA, Aug. 1-4

1. Jussi Oksanen, Finland
2. Mikey Rencz, Canada
3. Pat Moore, USA
4. Andreas Wiig, Norway
5. Torstein Horgmo, Norway
6. Lucas Debari, USA
7. Freddie Kalbermatten, Switzerland
8. Travis Rice, USA