Mitchie Brusco lands 900 in practice

Just over two weeks ago at the Nescau MegaRamp Invitational in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 14 year-old amateur skateboarder Mitchie Brusco became the youngest skater ever to land a 900, winning the young rookie his first-ever X Games invite. Skateboard Big Air fans wondering if he has another one in him now have their answer: Brusco landed a clean 900 yesterday on the quarterpipe on his 7th attempt in practice on the X Games 17 Big Air ramp, where he also landed a 360 ollie over the 50-foot gap and a 720 over the 70-foot gap.

"I'd love to do a 7 to a 9 in finals in the Big Air finals on Friday," says Brusco. Landing that combo could very well send the youngest competitor at this year's X Games away with a gold medal. "It feels amazing to be part of the 900 Club and to be here skating with these guys I've looked up to my whole life."

Tony Hawk landed the first 900 in the X Games Best Trick contest in 1999; other members of the club include Bob Burnquist, Georgio Zatoni, Sandro Dias, and Alex Perelson. Burnquist is the only other skater to have landed a 900 on a MegaRamp. Brusco has now landed the trick on the MegaRamp five times, seemingly effortlessly.

"In Brazil I just kind of threw one in practice without any intention of landing it, and once I started trying it I ended up getting it," Brusco says. "I didn't really think about it a lot before I did it, and I think that actually helped me. It feels really good to know I now have it on this ramp, too."

Jen Brusco, Mitchie's mom, seems to be taking the whole thing in stride. When asked if anxiety from watching her son huck 900s on the MegaRamp has given her any new gray hairs, she quipped, "Nothing a little hair dye can't fix."

Brusco won't be the youngest X Games gold medalist ever if he does win Friday's event -- that distinction belongs to Ryan Sheckler, who won Skateboard Park in 2003 when he was 13 -- but he says even that record may not stand for long.

"Having the MegaRamp out at Camp Woodward has really opened big air skateboarding up to a whole new generation. It's made it less elite and opened up a lot of new possibility for younger skaters," says Brusco. "There's already a 9 year-old out there who has been skating it really well."