Real Street speaks: Billy Marks

Billy Marks is a technical wizard with precision talents on and off the board; he's nearly as well known for his YouTube Ping Pong ball tricks as he is for his skating. Between pro duties, Street League competition obligations and new dad responsibilities, Marks found the time to jump into the X Games Real Street competition late when another potential entrant dropped out with an injury. With much less time than some of his peers, Marks still put together solid video part.

How long did you film for Real Street?
I'm not really sure, I didn't know I was doing it until someone got injured and had to drop out. I was a alternate so I got in last minute. I probably had a few weeks to film maybe a month or so.

The Fallen video, "Ride the Sky" was your last full video part right?
Yeah, I had a part in the last Toy Machine video, "Brain Wash." It was pretty short though to really call it a full part.

How long did you film for "Brain Wash?"
I filmed for it for about a month but I did have some stuff in there from like six years ago.

Who's part are you feeling most in this year's Real Street contest?
Probably Tommy Sandoval or Dylan Rieder.

Are you filming for another Fallen or Toy Machine part right now?
Actually, there is a Fallen video in the works. I think it's a tour video, though. We're doing a lot of traveling for it this year so that's my next project, for sure.

Will LRG clothing put out another full length video anytime soon?
I haven't heard about a new LRG video but if they do I'll start filming for that, too!

How has life changed since becoming a dad?
I guess I have a little bit more responsibility and I can't really party anymore.

Did your son come on any of your filming missions for Real Street?
Ha! He's not old enough yet but I can't wait until he is.

I hear you're getting married the day of X Games this year. Did you plan that out on purpose?
Hell no! I want to skate X Games. I still might try to make it there somehow ...

If you win Real Street and earn $50,000 what will you do with the winnings?
I would for sure pay off all my debt and spend the rest on my wedding.

If you donated it to charity what charity would you pick?
Oh, I don't know. I'd have to start my own charity and pay myself.