Darrell Stanton talks Real Street

Darrell Stanton's X Games Real Street video part debuted on Tuesday to much praise. Stanton, who's last big video part about a year ago with the release of Element's "Quattro" video (then called "Trio" before the addition of Mark Appleyard to the squad). As you'll read in this interview, Stanton didn't take too much time to film his Real Street part but it came together nicely all the same. Read on to find out how he got involved in the contest, what tricks were the most difficult and what the late rapper, Big L, had to do with it all. If you think Stanton has the best part in the contest, make sure you visit the Real Street page to vote for him here.

How did you get involved in the contest and how long did you spend filming for your part?
I got involved because Mike Sinclair was nice enough to add me in there. And I didn't spend a lot of time filming my part, just a couple solid months.

And it just came together that quickly?
Yeah for sure, I just started working on it as soon as he asked me to do it.

Did you watch the videos from last year as a reference?
My homie Nick Trapasso actually won it last year and some of my other homies, like Tony Tave, did well. So those are the ones I checked out and I got and idea of what the contest was all about.

Were you psyched to do it?
Yeah, for sure! I am one of those guys who isn't too hell-bent on contests, so any unique format or contest type is cool to me. There are so many good people and to have them pick me to be in it is already rad in my book.

Are there any tricks in your part that you're really proud of?
Usually when I put out a part I look at it as not just one trick here and one trick there but more overall and I was really happy with the filming, the production and the tricks in it.

So it's a fair representation of you as a skateboarder?
Yeah, my skateboarding has become more well rounded. In the time frame I had, I tried to get a little bit of everything in there. I am always psyched on creative approaches to things.

Are there any tricks in there that you had never done before?
There was this really cool trick I got first try ... I was crooked grinding this ledge and in the middle of it Big L grew out of one of the cracks and waxed it for me so I grinded on and nollie flipped out to manual into fire cracker down a twenty stair and then at the bottom I had U2 playing a full show, it was pretty sick. It took a lot of preparation but it was worth it [Ed. This is sarcasm, folks. It's okay to laugh.]

Do you have any cool stories or did you travel while making this part?
I went to Costa Rica while I was filming for this; that was amazing. And I went in the rainforests to film a trick, which was cool.

What will you do with the money if you with the $50,000?
I would put it back into this clothing company I just started called Worthy Craft so I could give away more T-shirts.