Reynolds four-peats in BMX Street

Garrett Reynolds is officially undefeated in BMX Street at X Games, adding a fourth gold to his collection on Sunday at X Games 17 after dominating both semifinals and finals, where he beat out Dennis Enarson and Dakota Roche for the top podium spot. Reynolds has now won BMX Street each year since it was added to X Games competition in 2008.

"I haven't stressed on it too much," Reynolds said when asked how much pressure he felt for the four-peat heading into finals. "I like riding street. It's what I like to ride, so it just seems to work out."

Reynolds won the 10-man semifinals with a six-point lead ahead of Enarson, Roche, Ty Morrow, Jeremiah Smith and the rest of the field to advance to finals, then crushed the competition in finals, earning 46 points in each of his best two runs. Final score: Reynolds 92, Enarson 85, Roche 84.

Reynolds commanded the course with technical manual combo lines -- grind up the short rail, barspin out to manual around the deck, barspin 180 to fakie into the bank -- and big tricks like double barspin 180, a barspin to barspin gap over the wheelchair ramp rail, a 180 to reverse crooked grind to 180 down the short rail, and a feeble up the hubba ledge to opposite 360 out. Even Reynolds' near-misses ended up wowing the judges: At one point, Reynolds meant to barspin to manual down a rail, but his back tire missed the rail. He slipped into an over-pedal grind instead and managed to pull the combination off as if he'd planned it.

Enarson's tailwhips and opposite 360s over the rail hop, 360 gaps over the big rail to flat, long nose wheelie lines, and effortless style simply weren't enough to catch Reynolds. This is Enarson's second consecutive silver medal behind Reynolds.

"I'm out here riding with all my boys, and it's so fun -- that's all that matters," said Enarson.

Roche also won bronze at 2011 X Games Asia in May.

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