2012 Real Street: Aaron Homoki

Real Street 2012: Aaron "Jaws" Homoki (1:17)

Aaron "Jaws" Homoki's entry into the X Games 2012 Real Street, all-video, all-street skateboarding contest. (1:17)

Twenty-two year old Aaron Homoki, aka "Jaws," was given the nickname by his friends when he wore braces in his hometown of Phoenix, Ariz. One of the most energetic and out-going skateboarders on the scene today, Homoki is the poster child for the term "Going Big!" Homoki has made a name for himself by jumping down HUGH gaps, spinning 540 airs at skateparks and filming video parts that leave everyones jaws on the ground. Homoki's Real Street video is perhaps the most daredevil of all the skaters and pleads for your VOTE!

ESPN.com: How long did you film for Real Street?
Homoki: I filmed for it for probably seven or eight months.

How do you think it turned out?
I'm hyped on it! I made it the best that it could be. I got all the tricks that I wanted to.

Did you have a list of tricks you wanted to do?
I had two separate lists throughout it all. I didn't finish the first one and then halfway through I made a second list and finished that one. The first trick on the list was kickflip melon El Toro, (his last trick in his part), and I was so happy to cross that one out. I always like to start with the hardest first and move down to the easy ones [laughs].

Did you do anything that surprised you?
Yeah, the heelflip down the 16. I hadn't been doing heelflips much so I wasn't very confident going into it.

Did it take you a lot of tries or was it easy?
It was probably 15 or 16 tries, but the first one I stuck I did. I was just waiting for the perfect one.

What was the hardest thing about filming the minute long video part?
Honestly, probably the pressure of certain tricks. Like the kickflip melon I had been thinking about for a while and I finally made it out to California and got that one -- like the heelflip.

Do you have any funny filming stories?
In my part I do an ollie and then a kickflip down two sets of 15. We got there and I was ready to go. After a couple tries of landing the ollie down the first set I snapped my board. So I had no board. I asked John Motta if I could use his and I ended up breaking his on the first ollie. Then I used Josh Hawkins board and the same thing happened. Finally, I asked my filmer Buster [O'shea] if I could use his. Buster's board never gets skated, the trucks are not broken in. It's a typical mall complete. So, after breaking three boards I ended up doing it on his and it happened all in one session [laughs].

Being 126 pounds do you break a lot of boards?
[Laughs] It's weird, I break boards on things that I don't expect. But then when it comes to the big stuff, usually I don't break them. It's seriously strange.

Did you do any traveling for the video?
Just California and Tucson, Ariz. I didn't get to make it out of the country for this one.

Whose part is your favorite?
Matt Bennett's for sure.

What are you going to do if you win the money?
Give a good chunk of it to my parents and then save the rest.

Why are you going to give it to your parents?
Because I truly owe them [laughs]! But I may buy a car too. Ideally I'd like to get a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic. Just something that will get me from A to B and back safely [laughs].