Ashley Fiolek out of X Games LA

Ashley Fiolek is heartbroken to miss X Games but says "I need to do what is right for my health and my future." Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

LOS ANGELES -- Two-time X Games Moto X gold medalist Ashley Fiolek will be shut out of the X Games medal race for the second consecutive year.

Fiolek, 21, pulled herself out of competition after consulting with her doctors because she had not sufficiently recovered from a concussion she suffered in a crash on June 2 at WMX Moto 2 in Lakewood, Colo.

"It is with great sadness that I must withdraw from the 2012 ESPN X Games, I am absolutely heartbroken that I will miss this year but I need to do what is right for my health and my future," Fiolek said in a statement released by her family.

She is the first deaf Moto X rider in history, winning two Women's Motocross Association national championships in 2008 and 2009. Also in 2009, Fiolek won her first X Games gold medal in Women's Moto X Super X. She won her second consecutive X Games gold medal in Super X Women's in 2010. She missed the podium in the 2011 X Games after crashing in the preliminary round.

Fiolek missed the 2012 AMA Women's Motocross Championships at High Point MX in Mt. Morris, Pa. because of the same concussion.

"(The crash) happened recently, three weeks ago. It was a bad one. I don't remember I finished the race -- I guess I finished the race, I don't know. I don't remember anything. I crossed the finish line, I finished in sixth place," Fiolek said to ESPN.com when she was in Los Angeles last Tuesday.

The concussion was the latest in a series of injuries that have hampered the young WMX rider. She said during her doctor's visit following her concussion they discovered she had a broken pelvis that she was competing with despite the pain.

"I always race with broken bones all the time. My wrist, my collarbone -- I've raced five times with that broken. … So I'm used to racing with broken bones. But my head, that's different," Ashley said.

She also said she had suffered as many as seven head injuries since she began competing.

"I think my head is weak because I've hit my head seven times in the past. So it keeps adding up more and more, it gets worse and worse. So if I just overjump, then my head gets dizzy."

Despite the disappointing scratches from competition, Fiolek's popularity continues to rise with a recent appearance on the "Conan" show and an upcoming four-episode role on the ABC Family sitcom "Switched at Birth."

Alisha Ricardi contributed to this report.